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  1. I appreciate that, crappy situation but we're keeping my sons best interest at the heart of every decision so stuff like this needs to go. I have a few OTR putters that will get a chance at the bag until I can afford another CT in a few years.
  2. Divorce sucks. I have a new home to furnish and I need living room and bedroom furniture for my son more than I need multiple putters hanging around. Not looking for trades as I need the money as stated above. All prices include shipping with insurance and are obo, but please don't hit me with low ball offers. I've collected for years and know what the market looks like. I'm willing to work with real offers. this is my gamer and I hate to see it go as I’m sure I won’t find another, but that’s life. This is a SC Tour Rat Prototype WELDED neck 1.5. This has full offset and is in gamer condition
  3. No pic at the moment but it’s full offset and 1/2 toe hang
  4. Got this Scotty Cameron Tour Rat Prototype 1.5 welded neck a few weeks back and it's in the bag now and for the foreseeable future!
  5. I switched to this SC Tour Rat Prototype welded neck this year, and while it's taken some getting used to, I've really started to like it. I added a slight forward press with the hands and that seem to make it hit my lines perfect. My stroke is much better, and feel is better as well.
  6. They're standard length, lie, and loft (LLL). I'm not wanting to split them up at the moment.
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