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  1. Put the 425 max and LST head to head with my 400 LST on Trackman. Same shaft in all three, adjusted the 425 in every which way including 9* and 10.5* heads. My 400 LST still shat on the 425 in ball speed, overall distance, and dispersion. Sim2 was the only thing close, and it was still averaging 4mph slower than my 400. My club builder basically said to play my 400 until it pops, then I’ll have to go to SIM
  2. What’s in the bag of a 34 year old 0.6 handicap: I’m coming off a successful 2020 with qualifying and playing in the Missouri Amateur being checked off my bucket list. Working full time and being a single Dad (also a 2020 change ) didn’t leave much time for golf after that. After looking at all of my stats from last year, it was clear that GIR would have to get better if I wanted to compete more with top level armateurs in my state. Pure and simple, I’m not a great iron player. Driver and short game are my strengths, but I need more high percentage looks at birdie. This years bag didn’t change a ton from last year, but I did add some forgiveness where it hopefully counts. Enjoy! Driver with 113-116 mph swing speed: PING G400 LST 8.5 with a Fujikura Rombax Type X. I put this up against every driver at a fitting today using Trackman. Nothing beat it. I even went so far as to get a brand new identical shaft to use for the fitting and neither the G425 (LST & Max) or Sim2 could keep up on Trackman. In the words of my club builder “Don’t ever sell that head”. It’s stupid hot off the face, and he had no explanation as to why my particular head is so hot. I’m not going to complain about saving $500+ this year, so it will remain in play going into its 5th season. Just praying it doesn’t crack at this point! It does receive a new grip for the year with the teams edition (49er colorway) with 3 wraps on the bottom and 2 on top. 3wd: PING G410 LST 14.5 with a Diamana Limited Edition 70TX. Perfect 250 - 270yd club off the deck or off the tee. It does receive a new grip for the year with the teams edition (49er colorway) with 3 wraps on the bottom and 2 on top. 5wd: PING G410 playing at 19.5 with a Diamana Limited Edition 80TX. This is my go to when a fairway is needed. Very versatile and can be hit anywhere from 225-245yds. Another one that is easy to play off the deck or on the tee. It does receive a new grip for the year with the teams edition (49er colorway) with 3 wraps on the bottom and 2 on top. Irons: New to the bag this year is the PING i210 4-UW paired with Project X 6.0 black shafts. I wanted a touch more forgiveness (coming from iBlades) as GIR was my lowest stat by far in 2020 (as previously mentioned). Freshly gripped with the new NDMC Teams edition (49er colorway) with 3 wraps on the bottom and 2 on top. Wedges: As I always do, I’m back to Vokeys. I used the Glide forged line last year and just never really found good touch. I paired the 56 (bent to 55*) and 60 with Tour Issue s400 Onyx shafts. I’ve just always liked the heavier feel to smooth out touch shots. These also get the new NDMC Teams edition (49er colorway) with 3 wraps on the bottom and 2 on top. Putter(s): This slot is up for grabs at the moment between 3-4 different sticks, but here’s the main two: - Scotty Cameron T22 Fastback 1.5 paired with a Stability Tour shaft and playing at 35” and Superstroke 1.0PT - Piretti Tour 801 GSS paired with the LAGP TPZ One35 playing at 34” and Superstroke 1.0PT Both feel great off the face, but going to be testing consistency of both over the next few months before tournament season. Fitting said flowneck is best for my alignment, but I’ve always been and anser style guy, so we shall see Bag: PING Tour Hoofer. Gamed it all last season and still looks new. Absolutely the best bag in the market, and the best PING has put out in years. Go Niners!
  3. I appreciate that, crappy situation but we're keeping my sons best interest at the heart of every decision so stuff like this needs to go. I have a few OTR putters that will get a chance at the bag until I can afford another CT in a few years.
  4. Divorce sucks. I have a new home to furnish and I need living room and bedroom furniture for my son more than I need multiple putters hanging around. Not looking for trades as I need the money as stated above. All prices include shipping with insurance and are obo, but please don't hit me with low ball offers. I've collected for years and know what the market looks like. I'm willing to work with real offers. this is my gamer and I hate to see it go as I’m sure I won’t find another, but that’s life. This is a SC Tour Rat Prototype WELDED neck 1.5. This has full offset and is in gamer condition with only finish wear on the bottom, everything else is clean. Shaft band still ther and comes with the SC limited release cover pictured. Plays at 34” with 69 lie and 3 loft. SOLD Next is one that I was hoping to work into the bag this year as I love the setup. This is a SC Golo n5 CT blacked out with the Cameron smoked shaft and new Pistolaro (non ct grip). This is a mother gamer with finish wear omg he bottom and comes with authentic CT headcover that’s been gamed but in great shape. This plays at 33.75 with 69 lie and 3 loft. Shaft bands in great shape, nothing else that I can think of. $1450 $1400 obo shipped and insured in the CONUS.
  5. No pic at the moment but it’s full offset and 1/2 toe hang
  6. Got this Scotty Cameron Tour Rat Prototype 1.5 welded neck a few weeks back and it's in the bag now and for the foreseeable future!
  7. I switched to this SC Tour Rat Prototype welded neck this year, and while it's taken some getting used to, I've really started to like it. I added a slight forward press with the hands and that seem to make it hit my lines perfect. My stroke is much better, and feel is better as well.
  8. They're standard length, lie, and loft (LLL). I'm not wanting to split them up at the moment.
  9. Driver is a complete bomber, I just can't hit it consistent enough to justify it over my G400 LST. Sexiest driver I've ever had in the bag!
  10. Not sure on swing weight and my club builders shop is closed right now due to the virus. Length wise, it plays at 40.5” as a driving iron
  11. Well you can buy something..lol doesn't have to be everything! It's seriously the coolest bag setup I've ever had, it just hasn't translated to lower scores so I can't justify it. I got yet another new set of iBlades and that's where I need to stay. They just work for me..lol
  12. Got a whole lot of amazingness for everyone today! I've gone back to Ping after trying my hand with Japanese forged goodness. ALL PRICES ARE OBO and include shipping in the lower 48. PAYPAL ONLY. ONLY TRADES- PING G410 LST 9* X FlexPING G410 17.5 Fairway X FlexFirst up is a Mizuno ST200 9.5 with HZRDUS Small Batch 60g 6.5 HULK shaft! This head is HOT HOT HOT! This has been used 2 rounds and if I didn’t tell you that, you wouldn’t know it. Absolutely mint, no signs of play, headcover new (used aftermarket one). This is a very hot head and added quite a bit of carry yardage to my bag, but sadly I can’t control it like I do my Ping. My loss is your gain. This combo would retail at $650, save yourself $100 plus tax and grab this for $550 $530 SHIPPED. Price is obo. I’d do head only as well for $290 shipped. Next up is a split set of the newest Mizuno's out. MMC 4-6 MP20 7-PW with UPGRADED TOUR ISSUE X100's. These play 2* up from Mizuno standard, all lofts are to MP20 spec, and standard length with NDMC +4 Grips. I got them a few months ago and have used them maybe 10 total rounds with iron covers. The feel of these is absolutely awesome, never hit a softer iron. Unfortunately for me, that didn't translate into lower scores. Only blemish on these is a rock ding on the 5 iron as shown and 7 iron shows the most finish wear on the face. $815 $810 SHIPPED. Up next is a set of Mizuno T20 wedges in 50/54/60 with TOUR ISSUE S400's and standard LLL. Also upgraded the grips to NDMC standard +4's. used 10 rounds with the irons with iron covers so again, fantastic shape. Also had a clubmaker "snow" the back and add the stamping, they look really cool in person. $390 plus tax is retail, let's go $285 SOLD shipped for the set. BRAND NEW Mizuno HMB 3 iron with a new KBS Prototype 95g X stiff shaft. This is the perfect driving iron, fairway finder. Just doesn't fit my bag, I prefer a 5wd so never got around to hitting this. It's new new NEW with the upgraded shaft and new NDMC standard +4 grip. I'll do $225 $200 shipped with the upgraded prototype shaft. Next is pretty special. This is a tour issue Bettinardi Mizuno Tour flowneck in MINT condition. Hardly a sign of use on this. I bought it, used it on the putting green, and realized flow doesn't work for me. Comes with the original tour headcover and new Bettinardi Lamkin Deep Etched cord grip. Plays at 34', 69* lie, and 3* loft. $425 $415 SHIPPED!
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