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  1. New Robert Mark Putter Cover $90 New Rose and Fire Putter cover $115 New Rose and Fire Hybrid Headcover $115 New TW SugarSkull Driver Headcover $145
  2. Ended up being a really good golf day in bad weather and good company - altsean included. Sully choked and handed us the win. Interesting, quirky and tough layout that's begging for a marketing makeover.
  3. Just the Orange Whip and Putting mat with the annoying Putt-out thingy for me.
  4. I’ve been using the Rover since it came out. It’s not waterproof but the vinyl apparel bottom pocket does a great job with dew. I carry a full set with no issues and love the pocket setup. There’s a larger thread somewhere on WRX. Regarding straps, I replaced the Rover straps with a real 2 strap setup in matching grey color and it’s incredibly comfortable to carry. Sun Mountain, Burton etc sell straps separately that you can buy online. Just a great bag to carry If you can live without a stand
  5. Masters 2020 merchandise - pretty sure Augusta will manage this well. https://golf.com/news/2020-masters-merchandise-will-not-go-to-waste/
  6. With 2 teenage boys, Swiftwicks is the best for durability. The Pursuit merino line is better than Kentwool.
  7. That’s great and will try it out in a push cart. I do have a Bagboy cart.
  8. Always felt playing the same course would be limiting but your perspective on it is probably correct
  9. Sure but I was on the right side of the ball trying to help..
  10. On a related no laying up topic, altsean laid up deep into the bunker wall on 6. Laid up into the water on 11 but did come through on 17.
  11. I was planning a fall trip and called the pro shop and they sort of confirmed the policy was Covid related
  12. Sully, beat Eagle in the colony collapse and we’re up next.
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