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  1. This trip I’ll be good at the pro shop. I’ve already spent enough there on previous trips and online sales! Need something from pine needles this trip.
  2. Lefty, will be there from Wednesday thru Sunday. Allow time for the main pro shop and Thistle Du.
  3. @bandondunes54Smuckers Uncrustables/Club Champion
  4. If you’re a Stranz fan -http://www.mikestrantzdesign.com/golfgallery.html
  5. Royal New Kent was inspired by Royal County Down in Northern Ireland and is draped in fescue and dotted with the kind of bunkers that require Sherpa porters to find your way home again”. Mr. Tex also insisted on walking the course and most of my first round last year was spent trying to find him in the thorny vegetation!! Crazy course to walk with some ridiculous transfers. Much belated respect. I also feel like extensive waste bunkers are not really native or conducive to the Virginia location though. There are enough crazy bunkers to make up for it though - 10 for example. Every par
  6. Like most Stranz courses, it’s a bit easier than it looks and once you get past the visual mumbo jumbo. I think i shot a 91 but should have been closer to 84/86. We waited a lot on the back and sort of lost interest. When we played 36 as a large group last year shot 90 something and a 79. If you hit your drives straight and to beyond the crap, it usually opens up. Huge greens - so 3 putts can become pretty routine. Personally I like visually intimidating courses as I tend to focus better! Also a huge contrast to Worthington where I usually play. Great accommodating staff and is a quick
  7. Sully, that was darkly poetic. Time to cheer up and let’s start posting some golf photos. 2 Saturdays ago, we sneaked in a round at Royal New Kent. It’s been a miserable, wet and dark week after that..
  8. Usually play Bridgestone but I’m trying out the Maltby TSW forged wedges at $39/head.
  9. Just ordered one. We had something from something from Costco that’ died last year. This is perfect for$59
  10. Should have added - I bought the components and “built” it myself. Basic club assembling isn’t dovetail joinery. The new Ping is also not vastly superior to the G400 Max and I may defer any other changes to next year. Agree that a similar shaft a couple of years old is more than adequate to meet our needs. FYI there is a great site called Shaftshack.com to try out rental shafts for $20. Also in my case, there was no pressure to buy anything and Nick G was great. Highly recommend.
  11. Right now playing the G400 Max with the Evenflow Blue 6.0 shaft at 10.5*. Hit mainly the G425, LST and the SIM2. Got the best overall numbers with the 425 modified (lower head weight), best spin with the LST and best speed with the SIM. All at 9* loft. The Diamana DF ended up being the best shaft. I tried out a cheaper low launch, low spin driver (Aldila Rogue Elite Green - $59) this Saturday at Worthington and the loft cranked down. I was ten yards longer than my summer yardage with a great ball flight and some roll. The numbers don’t lie and I wish I had done this earlier. The fittin
  12. Finally went in for a driver fitting at Club Champion. First time ever on a Trackman and it was stunningly effective at highlighting shaft and swing issues. Totally playing the wrong head, shafts and loft - need low spin, low launch stuff. Good news is that there’s a lot of yardage to gain. Starting a go fund me page so you can contribute.
  13. Before Ping G400 max 10.5 - Ping Alta CB 55 S Fitting Ping G425 Max 9, Diamana DF 55 S.
  14. Agree it’s a combination of swing and wrong shaft but the difference in yardage was undeniable. I had a Evenflow Riptide shaft in my G400 Max that was just all wrong.
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