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  1. Covid timeline May 7th - Worthington and Maryland golf opened!
  2. aiyyer

    Winter Golf

    Typically play the Zstar and switch to either the Qstar, E12 soft or the Wilson urethane balls. Huge difference in feel and comfort hitting a low compression ball during the silly season
  3. Yeah - I replaced the straps on my rover with typical backpack Burton ULT straps. Huge difference
  4. aiyyer

    Winter Golf

    Anybody else switching to a lower compression ball for winter?
  5. Blasphemy. Popeyes is better. There’s a Chicken biscuit place called Rise near 2nd Swing that’s pretty good.
  6. They usually last at least three seasons - love them for winter golf
  7. The five year commitment at WM works out to $35/week. BTW, the greens are running scary fast again. Agree with Sully that the main advantage to the White tees is hitting wedge instead of a mid iron. Appreciate #11 the more I play it.
  8. New Robert Mark Putter Cover $90 New Rose and Fire Putter cover $115 New Rose and Fire Hybrid Headcover $115 New TW SugarSkull Driver Headcover $145
  9. Ended up being a really good golf day in bad weather and good company - altsean included. Sully choked and handed us the win. Interesting, quirky and tough layout that's begging for a marketing makeover.
  10. Just the Orange Whip and Putting mat with the annoying Putt-out thingy for me.
  11. I’ve been using the Rover since it came out. It’s not waterproof but the vinyl apparel bottom pocket does a great job with dew. I carry a full set with no issues and love the pocket setup. There’s a larger thread somewhere on WRX. Regarding straps, I replaced the Rover straps with a real 2 strap setup in matching grey color and it’s incredibly comfortable to carry. Sun Mountain, Burton etc sell straps separately that you can buy online. Just a great bag to carry If you can live without a stand
  12. Masters 2020 merchandise - pretty sure Augusta will manage this well. https://golf.com/news/2020-masters-merchandise-will-not-go-to-waste/
  13. With 2 teenage boys, Swiftwicks is the best for durability. The Pursuit merino line is better than Kentwool.
  14. That’s great and will try it out in a push cart. I do have a Bagboy cart.
  15. Always felt playing the same course would be limiting but your perspective on it is probably correct
  16. Sure but I was on the right side of the ball trying to help..
  17. On a related no laying up topic, altsean laid up deep into the bunker wall on 6. Laid up into the water on 11 but did come through on 17.
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