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  1. what head are you using? I am trying to find a lower launching low spinning 3 wood like what you have there
  2. Hey everyone, I am trying to find a mid toe hang around 45-46* putter to tinker with, I have a pretty arc'd stroke so needing the hang. I know the scotty 1.5 fast back and a couple others. Just seeing what are some other options to look for.
  3. going from modus 120 to the match to the rest of the irons kbs tour V
  4. I appreciate the thoughts everyone. I dont need a driver length 3 wood. I hit my current one about 265 or so. Distance is not the issue, Its an older m3 head with a bunch of hotmelt in the toe to get it from going left but i hit a high push cut with it and it spins to the moon i have no issue hitting it high either. Last year i struggled with a driver so i was trying to hit my 3 wood or 2 iron off most tee's to find the fairway which is what i want is a nice fairway finder that is a little more forgiving than my current set up.
  5. no not yet i have a back that wouldnt allow anything else. We are not doing much with the wedges other than just shaft change will do putter when i pick up this weekend i think
  6. i hit the epic speed or it may have just been the original epic not 100% on which it was, They had pulled the original sim stuff as they were waiting on the Sim 2. On trackman was getting like 3500 rpm of spin with multiple heads and like 5 or 6 different shafts. Couldnt find a head that would bring it down. Was at about a -1* angle of attack as well so not chopping down on it.
  7. Hey everyone i need a low spin 3 wood head. i was fit and tried multiple different heads and shafts and could not find a low enough spin combo. 114-119 swing speed with driver. Tried callaway, ping, titleist. Did not have the sim 2 heads so have not tried them. Just looking for recommendations for a low spinning head to hopefully try.
  8. i will have to try a couple lower lofted hybrids ( normally i cant hit them to save my life) and see if i can find something that will work for me
  9. i use it for both. I use it off the tee on short par 4's and sometimes off the deck if i feel confident in it at that time. He wants to see my 3 wood traveling about 265 or so
  10. Those were pro v1's I normally play the Avx for the lower spin side. I didn't play a driver most of last season cause i couldn't hit a fairway so my 3 wood and 2 iron were my tee clubs. I was getting about 5900-6100 with a 6 iron on trackman
  11. here are some numbers from the driver with the mavrik and Tsi with the Ventus Black
  12. my m3 head with a 661 tour x speeder with a ton of weight in the toe is spinning like 4500+ RPM. Hit the mavrik, epic speed, tsi 2 and 3 and a couple others that i have forgot about but nothing could get spin down. Went through 5-8 heads and probably 10 different shaft options and nothing was working. I hit my 3 wood with a 1.1-1.5 degree downward angle of attack which i should be but nothing was working for me. They don't have TEE at the fitters so i didnt get a chance to try them.
  13. I have to go back and hit the new sim fairway wood. We tried a ton of different head and shaft configurations and couldn't get spin numbers down at all so he wants me to hit the sim 2 and see how it does.
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