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  1. If the shaft is removable with an adapter, you are technically selling the same item again. A buyer can ask for a price on head only if the shaft might not fit him so this would entice you to sell just the head only. In the end, you are still selling the same head.
  2. Some items are up for sale. All prices are OBO. NO TRADES 1. Modus 120 Stiff flex 4-P, brand new fresh pulls, grips are in plastic $old OBO 2. Callaway Apex UW 17*, Project X Hzrdous Smoke Green PVD HULK 70 6.5 X-Flex, 42" playing length, tipped 1/2" REMOVED OBO 3. Ventus Velocore Black 6x, untipped, 44", ungripped, slight paint scuffing near adapter $old OBO 4. Ventus Velocore Red 7x, 1/2" tipping, 42" length w/ 1/4" extension, 41.75" w/o extension $200 NOW $REMOVED OBO 5. Tour Issue Sim 2 Driver Head, see specs on sticker $500 NOW $450 FINAL $425 OBO Modus 120 Callaway Apex UW Ventus Velocore Black Ventus Velocore Red 7x Sim 2 Driver Head
  3. 1. How often do you walk when you play? I walk every time I play. 2. Do you own or use a pushcart currently? No, I do not own a pushcart. 3. Would you walk more with the Motocaddy M7 Remote? Definitely!
  4. 1. Your closest Club Champion location? Manhattan, NY 2. Would you like to win a Driver or Putter Package? Driver package 3. Did you follow Club Champion on Twitter? Yes 4. How would a Club Champion Driver or Putter package help your game? It would replace my 4 year old driver and maximize my driving potential.
  5. I had a set of copper 302s 3-pw and traded it for a flat stick. Told the guy that once he is ready to let the heads go to sell it back to me and I’d be happy to buy it back no question asked. Turd decided to not only sell it within 2 weeks but somehow split the set and sold 5-pw and not sure where the 3/4 went. I was livid but it is what it is. I have a set of chrome 302s that I keep around to and still play it from time to time. Great irons. Here is a pic of my 302.
  6. Up for sale are two items. If price is too high send a reasonable offer: Prices - 1. Miura TC 201 4-P - $1600 OBO NOW $old OBO 2. Project X LS 6.5 5-P shafts w/ GP Arccos - $old 3. Srixon ZX 3 Hybrid Head- $old OBO 4. Srixon ZX 4 Hybrid Head - $old OBO 5. Titleist Oil Can Vokey - $old OBO 1. Miura TC201 4-P - BB&F Ferrules with Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100. Shaft labels were removed. Tour Velvet Cord 58R grips. Standard L/L/L 2. Project X LS 6.5 5-P shafts. Will include a set of brand new Golf Pride Arccos Grips. Lengths are 36.5", 36", 35.5", 35" 34.5", 34". Should play standard length when installed. 3. Srixon ZX 3 Hybrid head - See pictures for condition. Headcover included. 4. Srixon ZX 4 Hybrid head - See pictures for condition. Headcover included. 5. Titleist Oil Can Vokey 2009 52*08 - Brand new in wrapper
  7. 1. TM MG3 Wedges DG Tour Issue S200 - $old for the pair 2. Original Jones Carry Bag - some wear and dirty but can be cleaned up nicely. Black/white color removed
  8. www.pirateship.com www.parcelmonkey.com www.lugless.com www.shipsticks.com Main takeaway from this is to do your due diligence on shipping costs before attempting to sell anything. Have boxes ready and items packed. Calculate cost from your location to the furthest location possible to give you an idea of the max cost for shipping your item. You can also factor in shipping cost in your asking price to help alleviate the expense.
  9. Two driver shafts for sale: 1. Ventus Velocore Black 6x 44" from butt to Taylormade tip 2. Tensei Pro White 1K 60x 44" from butt to Ping tip. Some scratches at tip but not damaged. Asking REMOVED each or best offer. No trades.
  10. Brand New but removed from plastic bag for pictures. Specs shown on sticker but it is 34". Asking $old OBO. If price is too high please send me an offer. No Trades. Thanks.
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