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  1. GolfWRX is just an unbelievable site/community where die hard golfers can connect and talk about anything golf related and have others offer their insight/opinion.
  2. I did receive the titleist pro v1x 'test balls' sent out late last year...if they have stayed the same with no changes, I will say they are definitely more spinny, get up much higher and would even say that they have a borderline 'balloon' type flight, making it play short. I didn't like it at all and will stick to last years model.
  3. The 8 iron looks like normal wear. My set of 710ap2's wore down on the sole exposing exactly what you see on the 8 iron. The 9 iron looks a bit odd though.
  4. The Titleist rep for Ottawa for GT stores is Sean Michaud. I had a fitting with him on the 18th at the Kanata location for the 915 driver and 3 wood. One word: Unbelievable
  5. I have a 913 D2 9.5 and don't find it draw biased at all. Hooks, in my opinion, are a matter of the indian, not the arrow. We aren't talking about a 2 degrees closed faced like some of the GI drivers that would cause balls to bias towards the left. Nonethless, that's just my two cents worth.
  6. I think the rocketbladez irons would make an excellent addition to my bag. I can only imagine the distance/forgiveness gain with this set in the bag. And add custom fitting on top of that and the sky is the limit! In a world of fierce competition and new innovations coming out left, right and centre, Taylormade has still remained at the top. I can honestly say that I've always looked to Taylormade before any other golf company for the next best thing. When the RBZ woods came out, I was thoroughly impressed and the distance claims became a reality when i put your 3 wood in the bag. I can't see it being any other way with these rocketbladez. I do hope I qualify for this as I am a Canadian and I would love to represent Canada as one of the selected, even if that means i find my way to Florida myself! Thanks
  7. YOUR ORDER Continue Shopping DESCRIPTION PRICE HOW MANY? TOTAL J.Lindeberg J.Lindeberg Maldred Soft Shell Green - AW12 (Medium) X Remove $300.00 1 2 $300.00 Puma Puma Super Cell Fusion Ice LE Silver Metallic - AW 12 (8) X Remove $250.00 1 2 3 $250.00 J.Lindeberg J Lindeberg Nicolas Lt Grey Melange - AW12 (30S) X Remove $220.00 1 $220.00 J.Lindeberg TRENDYGOLF Special Edition J.Lindeberg Torkel Fieldsensor 2.0 Black (Small) X Remove $135.00 1 2 3 4 $135.00 J.Lindeberg J Lindeberg Sloper Elastic Braid Black (85) X Remove $85.00 1 2 $85.00
  8. Can anybody chime in on how these size? Do you run smaller or larger or right on? Is sizing more in line with Nike's Free line of running shoes, training shoes or Nike's golf shoe line? Any input would be greatly appreciated as I'm trying to a pre-order but can't decide on sizing. I currently have an old pair of nike running free's at 11.5 and I have a pair of nike golf shoes at 10.5
  9. Referring to those thave have pre-ordered the 2013 tw nike free's, how did you determine your size for them without trying them on? Did you just go by what your normal nike free running/trainer shoe size is? (trying to figure out what I should order as I have a pair of nike free runners at size 11 (i'm normally a size 10.5))
  10. [b]I would love a pair of TRUE PHX Grey/Charcoal/Electric Blue Size 9.5 ! Thanks![/b]
  11. Callaway customer service is second to none! please count me in on this give away...thanks:)
  12. This putter would do wonders for my horrible putting game, as it's pretty bad as it is! count me in!
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