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  1. He did something as his shots have some of that old quality they used to have. Huge contrast to the hacky stuff he's been showing over the last two seasons. Definitely something happened.
  2. Not so much broke him, but might have given him the (ultimately toxic) idea to mess with his swing. Which, in turn, broke him.
  3. TBF the miracle was never going to happen. Basically we're at a tailspin, with some good news regarding him waking up from his stupor and seeking some help outside the usual suspects of his inner circle. Unfortunately his game and his mentality seem to have been damaged. And the damage extends to his putting that's tentative and nowhere near the stuff he used to show. IMO he's damaged irreparably, although I'd love to be wrong about it as most of you reading this.
  4. Jordan tried to be like him and now I guess he is, golf-skill wise. Not the hair.
  5. Man, if only Ortiz read this he would be upset. He's 65 ranked golfing stud. Spieth otoh is OWGR 80 and regularly misses greens from 80 yards. I don't see an Augusta miracle many are hoping for. His Par 5 stats this year are awful, I mean, actually ALL his stats are awful (except putting within 3 feet), but his Par 5 scoring is one of the worst on tour atm.
  6. Hard to watch. If I were Jordan's coach, I'd resign for two reasons. Either this performance deterioration is on me, and then I should do it out of shame, or it's on Jordan* and he should then simply distance himself not to be associated and inevitably blamed for what's happening. Staying with Jordan is malpractice at this point. *this is what I believe, Spieth really got some wrong ideas in his head and was unable to let go, fixated on some mechanics or techniques.
  7. This interview is rather concerning. The amount of mental over-analysis combined with denial/rationalizations is something that again tells me he's a complete headcase, way beyond helping Barring divine intervention of some sort.
  8. Wrote that about 2 years ago, for many it was "too early, he'll be fine, changes must take hold" Now 2 years of work down the drain, and counting! I suspect he'll keep on pushing in the wrong direction, "there's no going back" all that stuff. He's got nobody to take him aside and have "the talk."
  9. Jordan getting it back? Doubt it. Overall I'd start thinking of securing movie rights, rise-fall-redemption story arc, culminating with dramatization of that farewell T2 at Barracuda 2029 where he misses 3 footer for the playoff. The movie will be played over and over, in a loop, some days on Golf Channel in 2040.
  10. Now one of the possible lingering effects of the infection was described as brain fog. It's scary to think about it.
  11. While I would like to see him back, he's bungling things that he has control of, such as schedule, personnel, and lifestyle choices. It's a big ask to expect him to succeed against stacked tour nowadays while making wrong decisions and wasting time. That's why I am pessimistic, just listen to his press conferences. His mental edge is gone... The wall he hit is enormous and I am not expecting a happy ending at this point.
  12. He's played like half the tournaments that Patrick Reed has over the last few seasons. He switched to retired Tiger schedule at age 24 which was rather slack and arrogant. It's coming back to bit him now, not surprisingly. My prediction is he's going to start a family and use the "Oh look! I am dad now" as an excuse for the last 2 years of remaining eligibility to explain his light schedule. Then he'll lose his card and push on exemptions and some past champion status. But his game will be gone pretty much, truth be told it's gone already.
  13. It has its own niche, I'd say I prefer watching them than the K-F bots but let's face it, they all want to play on the PGA Tour and wish they could get in on the gravy train.
  14. Side note, this just occurred to me reading thru the responses, you know what's really exclusive(j/k), expensive and time consuming? Having kids. If not for kids, finding money and time for golf wouldn't be an issue.
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