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  1. My dad has played the TCI. He said it was a great course. He said he shot bad but loved it. His brothers brother-in-law is the assistant pro.
  2. I live in Iowa so the great golf courses and very limited. The best course I have played in my mind is Spirit Hollow. It is 7200 yards from the tips. What are the best golf course you've golfed on? Where is it located? How long of a course is it? ETC.
  3. 1996 Pontiac Bonneville My dad owns a used car lot so he just got me the car real cheap. Run's real nice has about 220.000 miles on it.
  4. same here, get a weird bounce or the wrong spin.
  5. Who's had oneEvery time I play a course I want to have a shot for eagle. I usually on eagle the par 5's and sometimes short par 4's but I've never had a Hole in One and I'm still waiting. How long was the hole you made in on how much money did you spend on drinks? ;) Braden
  6. only in Iowa, last tuesday we played Conference at a course in Ft. Madison. It was crappy weather, around 48 degrees in the morning and ended up being around 75 degrees. The next day is the same way only we start on the front, really tight with trees, we don't feel a thing. We get on the back it is a constant rain, winds of 35-40 mph. A couple times I looked at my rain jacket and there were snow flakes on it. I am not as good as some of you guys but I went from shooting a 79( didn't hit my drives good but scambled, and we won Conference) to shooting an 88. It was the worst golf weather
  7. ya last year I went to watch my dad play in a ryder cup between two country clubs and it rained all day and mid way through the round there were some big rooster tails and standing water.
  8. Rain, Snow, WindI live in Iowa and we have Spring golf. Our spring is inconsistent weather wise. One day it will be 80 degrees and the next day it will be snowing. So far this year, I've played in the pouring rain, a light snowfall, and heavy wind gusts. Whats the worst weather you guys have played in?
  9. I use a British Penny. It's kinda big but i like the way it looks. I bought it in a flea market.
  10. No addiction here kblakeney, i just like to read the threads
  11. I would have to say my best shot was in my junior club tournament. Me and my friend were playing and we're really competitive. I was beating him pretty bad until the 8th hole. I think i was 1 over. I duck hooked my driver out of bound. On my fourth shot i duck hooked my 5 wood out of bound. I took an 8. So me and him were tied at 5 over. On the next hole i pushed my drive basically straight right. On my second shot i had a weird stance and hit my 9 iron up on the green 1 hopped and fell 3 inches from the cup. I went up and tapped in my birdie to win.
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