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  1. This club is quickly becoming my favorite. Only used it twice tonight. Off tee on an up hill into the wind hole. Tried to play a low cut. Over cut it a bit and figured I caught fairway bunker. Was 25 yards past, which is where a well struck DI would have been. Not that club is longer, but wind had no affect. Other was a long approach to a par 5. It is an elevated green that plays a good club - club and half longer. I hit is over the green. I am still trying to learn the distances, but my confidence on playing this club is very high. The versitilty and forgiveness is much better than
  2. 2. Did you sign up for the Bridgestone email? Yes 3. What Bridgestone golf balls do you want to win? Tour B XS 5. US Open final score prediction (Doesn't change odds of winning)? -8
  3. I was able play 45 holes this past weekend during a member-guest tournament. The 18 hole practice round was rained out and the tournament rounds were overcast and rainy making the course play long and the rough thick. I used the hybrid off the tee 5 times on 2 holes. Hit the fairway 4 times and one just off. Distance was and flight very consistent. I did hit one high on the toe and was about 20 yards shorter than the others. That said it was a total mishit, but still found the fairway. I was also able to hit a couple times off the fairway and out of the rough. I am much more comfortab
  4. 1. City and State? Fairfield, PA 2. Handicap? 4.0 3. Search for your home course HERE. 4. What is your home course? Carroll Valley Golf Resort 5. How could a StrakaLine guide help your game? Reading greens 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  5. I was fitted for the Gen2 last November when PXG was running a similar sale and the Gen3 were newly released, so I am pretty confident they will fit you for the Gen3 and Gen4 as long as they still have them in inventory. I was debating between the 0311 and Apex as well. PXG really impressed me. They had the feel and setup I prefer and the price was less. I agree with leftycabe about T vs P. I was shocked how much better the P fitted my. The biggest question is with the shafts. PXG upcharge for certain shafts might end up being more. I recommend finding a PXG fitter, because they can do
  6. Rickie Fowler and Justin Rose used too. I'm sure there were more, but those came to mind. My guess something newer came along. No reflection on the shaft quality.
  7. Since 2014, I have been gaming a Ping Rapture DI (2 iron 18*), which filled the gap between my 4 iron and 3 wood. Off the tee it has been a beast. However, fairway and rough was very lie dependent. I briefly gamed a hybrid before the DI purchase and had mixed results. I recall a big miss left at times, which was the reason to go to a DI. I decided to relook at the new hybrids to see if there was something I felt comfortable with and had a little more versatile. Here is a little background on myself. I am 46 years old, who has been playing for about 35 years. I play 30-50 rounds a year.
  8. 1. City and State? Fairfield, PA 2. Handicap? 4.1 3. What King 3D Printed model do you want to test? Grandsport-35 4. Current putter? EVNROLL ER5 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying a new putter? Confidence, especially on short putts. Hoping different head shape will work 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  9. Driver - PXG Fairway wood - PXG Hybrid- Tour Edge Exotics 2 Driving Iron - Ping Irons - PXG Wedges - Cleveland Putter - EVNROLL Ball - Srixon Bag - Tour Edge Exotics
  10. 1. City, State? 2. Handicap? 3.4 3. Current Wedge Set Up? Cleveland Zip Code 50* mid bounce, 54* bounce, 60* low bounce 4. What SMS Wedge Do You Want To Test? V-Grind 56* 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  11. I do and why I went to an EVNROLL putter. Feel like I can give it a solid start while keeping my tempo smooth.
  12. I'm kicking around the idea of adding a hybrid to my bag. I have been gaming a 2 DI for years, but thinking a hybrid might add a little more playability. I have hit the Titleist 818s and Srixon H85. Both solid, probably prefer the looks of the Srixon. Also looking at the Tour Edge CBX 119 and the Honma's listed above. It is very difficult to find any real reviews or find people playing the Honma's. Ran across a pretty good deal for just the head, but would nice to know if they are a solid choice or go with one of the other 3. Has anyone played them? Curious to their opinion and whether
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