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  1. Also the new Nippon Neo are very friendly on the joints if you to stay in steel
  2. Aerotech steelfiber or the Recoils are great if you have tennis elbow or similar.
  3. Limited edition 500 sets only worldwide i am guessing these maybe the last new set. Set is 4/PW, Dark chrome standard specs shafts are NS Pro 950 GH Regular see from the pics I have not removed the plastic JP warranty card still attached. Not looking for trades, Or heads only these go as is, if these ship monday they will arrive Wednesday from here in the UK $sold
  4. Great seller here guys, god why did I look at the classifieds, already thinking about a mizzy bag change !!
  5. Never had the heart to try it i have a works that I love and it’s 3 seasons old but it’s perfect so don’t change it I think the Moto goes
  6. So cash is king, not looking for trades UK sale but 3 day shipping worldwide. no heads only please. first up JDM Callaway forged star the JV version is stronger loft, slightly larger head. Specs are standard shafts Nippon Neo stiff set is 5/PW mint, head covers used, two rounds on these, like new $sold Next callaway legacy black driver 9.5 never hit tour AD 65 shaft $295 Japan Release Odyssey Damascus 5 new in the Plastic 34 inch been in storage, there is a head cover but it’s not the original $
  7. Many thanks as always time for you to get some new VG3s I think be safe
  8. Callaway legacy black 5/PW specs standard GS95 S200 stiff excellent shape not looking for trades UK sale with worldwide shipping $695
  9. Hi guys Not looking for trades or heads only at this time, cash is king. First up callway apex pro 16s had these built over here at golf principles 5/PW + Gap standard specs Shafts are NS pro modus 120 regular lamkin grips i had to source a 6 iron from callaway pre owned it’s not mint like the remaining clubs but it’s ok, the rest are mint, show only minor brush marks to the soles, $495 callaway legacy black 5/6/ DGS200 standard specs usual wear $150 the pair PXG 0311 XF Gen 2 5/PW plus
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