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  1. Totally agree, they truly do not make irons like this anymore, imagine if Callaway re released these, they would sell a bucket load.
  2. Stunning set of Callaway legacy blacks 4/PW Tour AD stiff standard specs, only a few of these have been used, only the 7 iron has any visible strike marks on the face, a couple of range sessions and been stored, see pics, tried to show everything on every club, these would show more wear in two rounds on the course than they do now. Grips were new tour velvets. No trades, no heads only, sorry I’m not pulling these, UK sale, 3 day ship, pm for rates GONE TO THE BAY
  3. New Odyssey Damascus 5 rare JP model 34 inch will supply head cover, the original cover is with it but worn from storage in sunlight not looking for trades 3 day shipping from the UK $240 Taylormade R9 Supertri Head 10.5 new, with head cover $150 Royal collection Japan 3 wood and 5 wood 5/18 degree stiff good shape 3/ degree, sr flex mark to top of face, see pic $110 the pair
  4. JDM Callaway Legacy black bundle 9.5 degree driver Tour AD 65 S Callaway legacy black 3 wood with the same Tour AD shaft Callaway Legacy black 5 wood Tour AD stiff this was the set that was released with the stenson irons, all new, only stored, so head covers have the odd mark. UK sale with world wide shipping $395 the lot only trades would be PXG 0811 10.5 must be mint or PXG Gen 3 60 degree wedge
  5. Problem is with eBay is they don’t care about pictures or anything that takes effort, I had the same with a set of irons, my buyer had them over a week, I use head covers so very rare I ever get bag rash of any nature, he sent them back over 10 days after purchase all dented and dirty grooves, he claimed he never hit them, surprise, surprise, eBay took his side, hope you have better luck than me !!
  6. Ok so here goes, was building the TM bag for the coming season, pulled the trigger on some 790s but thought they were a little big in the head size, so went to these, but the lovely Prime minister over here has said golf courses will remain closed here for another month at least, I’ve had enough, promises promises, so these will go, Taylormade P770 5/PW specs are KBS tour Reg standard length 1 UP new in the box not looking for trades or heads only UK sale price includes US shipping firm $995
  7. I thought it was a good idea at the time, that was as sensible as selling my last set of blacks !!!!
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