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  1. Great clubs, old school, I loved these when they were launched, great seller glws
  2. I love the principle, tried a lot of Japan stuff, lightweight, but it doesn’t work for me personally, but the idea is good, higher launch, lighter, I am at that age 55 where it’s getting harder to finish off a round, but the trade off in weight just does not seem worth it, but it’s all personal. But interested to hear how others got on with the brand
  3. New Taylormade P770 project x 6.0 5/PW 2 wraps, standard lie and lofts, picked these up from UK retailer as a shop ex display, they are new unmarked. I wanted the heads, but they are a little slim, 3 day shipping from the uk door to door, Only trades would be mint set of PXGs gen 3 P’s, sorry but I love mint or new, hate bag rash, dents, so mint only. $1100 shipped
  4. It’s the Porsche vs the Ferrari question, both do the same thing. The CB 501 were amazing, but so were Callaway JDM legacy blacks, probably the best iron feeling wise I’ve ever hit, but, many,many,many would disagree, It’s just personal preference really
  5. Mint Callaway legacy black Gen 2 sst is 5/PW standard spec GS95 S200 Immaculate condition, the spots in the pics is rain drops, not dents, no trades, UK sale, 3 day shipping. $725
  6. Two items need a home R9 Supertri head 10.5 in the plastic Sold New Odyssey Damascus 5 JP 34 inch new in the plastic been stored so the head cover needs replacing $275 UK shipping is 3 days door to door PM for rates
  7. May I ask what the Oban CT is like, Was thinking about ordering a set from Japan.
  8. Hey Nicholas, I didn’t see this one coming !! great seller, 1st class GLWS
  9. Callaway X22 great clubs, forgiving and assuming they have a factory off the shelf shaft, the regular to stiff won’t be massively different, 6/PW is enough for now, you add a 4/5 hybrid, pull the trigger !!!
  10. PXG 0311 XP, so I purchased new 7/PW, litterally hit a couple of balls on the range and putt them away, added from PXG the 6 and gap, seemed like a good plan at the time, it’s took 8 weeks !!!! I mean 8 weeks to get a 6 and a gap wedge, apparently problems with the aerotech steelfiber, so the plans have changed. So now up fro grabs basically new 6/PW + Gap standard specs aerotech steelfiber 95 stiff no trades or heads only, UK ship, 3 days door to door $1695
  11. This is a good place to start, asking is the best route forward. try looking fo a set a few years old, it’s not a cheap game but if you your wise enough not to follow the company hype around distance gains, a set a couple of years old will suffice. The big companies do good sets that will get you started. Callaway big Bertha taylormade burner super launch Cleveland launcher Wilson SGI also look at Callaway pre Owned, there have lots of good deals on irons, wedges, ect. get yourself hybrids numbers 4 and 5 at least, easy to hit off the fairway or
  12. Totally agree, they truly do not make irons like this anymore, imagine if Callaway re released these, they would sell a bucket load.
  13. Stunning set of Callaway legacy blacks 4/PW Tour AD stiff standard specs, only a few of these have been used, only the 7 iron has any visible strike marks on the face, a couple of range sessions and been stored, see pics, tried to show everything on every club, these would show more wear in two rounds on the course than they do now. Grips were new tour velvets. No trades, no heads only, sorry I’m not pulling these, UK sale, 3 day ship, pm for rates GONE TO THE BAY
  14. New Odyssey Damascus 5 rare JP model 34 inch will supply head cover, the original cover is with it but worn from storage in sunlight not looking for trades 3 day shipping from the UK $240 Taylormade R9 Supertri Head 10.5 new, with head cover $150 Royal collection Japan 3 wood and 5 wood 5/18 degree stiff good shape 3/ degree, sr flex mark to top of face, see pic $110 the pair
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