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  1. Too many cash games, its amazing how $10 becomes life or death !!!! If it’s fun, then pick it up, but not many people just tee it up for fun anymore
  2. Agree your not wrong, it’s because I’ve had scary times with the putter and just know it’s giving me a false sense of security but you are right time wise it’s not ideal
  3. I give nothing the idea of the game if to finish every hole by putting out, when I play with the guys regardless of the game be it comp, or fun, cash game, we putt out, I am terrible at times from 5 ft and in, so I never expect any putt to be given, why would you. Just my pennies worth, not everyone is the same I know
  4. Callaway apex pro 21 5/PW elevate 115 stiff standard length lofts standard 1 up grips 3 wraps new still sealed $1150 3 days shipping Only trades, epons, must be mint, 3/5s not 7s
  5. Awesome irons the best iron Callaway ever made these will be snapped up GLWS
  6. Epon AF505 stunning set of 505s, MCI 80 stiff these are a $65 a club upgrade set comprised of 6/PW + Gap standard specs mint condition I can’t do heads only, it’s a simple case of not wanting to take these babies apart, I can’t bring myself to do it !!! not looking for trades on these. UK sale but I ship in three days door to door $sold Epon AF505 4 iron Standard spec pro modus 105 stiff new $275
  7. Looking for Callaway Apex 19 Heads 6/PW or 5/PW mint if poss thanks for looking
  8. It’s a bit slower over here because they have to import from the US and from covid there is a big supply shortage thanks for the heads up all the same
  9. Mods please note, this is a different listing set with different shafts. New Callaway Apex TCBs 4/PW, specs are standard, set up is standard lie and loft Pro modus 105 stiff the wait for aerotech over here is too long, so had a rush of blood on these, Not gonna work. Shipping 3 days door to door Only trades is PXG 0311 Gen 3 P’s need to be mint $sold
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