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  1. Callaway TMB

    4/PW + Gap

    standard spec

    project X IO stiff

    Only opened the gap wedge,

    decided to wait 4 weeks for custom aerotechs, these can be delivered by Thursday from the UK,

    not looking for trades, or heads only.

    $1695 shipped


  2. New TM P790

    project X 6.0

    1/2 degree over

    standard lie and loft


    UK sale but shipping to the US in 3 days

    only trades would be mint PXG Gen 3 Ps,

    not looking for heads only,

    I massively need to thin this collection.

    $1150 shipped 



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  3. I love the principle,

    tried a lot of Japan stuff, lightweight,

    but it doesn’t work for me personally,

    but the idea is good, higher launch, lighter, I am at that age 55 where it’s getting harder to finish off a round,

    but the trade off in weight just does not seem worth it, but it’s all personal.

    But interested to hear how others got on with the brand

  4. New Taylormade P770

    project x 6.0 


    2 wraps, standard lie and lofts,

    picked these up from UK retailer as a shop ex display, they are new unmarked.

    I wanted the heads, but they are a little slim,

    3 day shipping from the uk door to door,

    Only trades would be mint set of PXGs gen 3 P’s,

    sorry but I love mint or new, hate bag rash, dents, so mint only.

    $1100 shipped


  5. It’s the Porsche vs the Ferrari question,

    both do the same thing.

    The CB 501 were amazing, but so were Callaway JDM legacy blacks, probably the best iron feeling wise I’ve ever hit,

    but, many,many,many would disagree,

    It’s just personal preference really

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