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  1. What is up with the new GHIN digital profile? They are now forcing me to give them my email to use the mobile app? I am paying to use their service and they now are going to benefit by selling my address??? The system worked well before..... rubs me the wrong way! Just another reason I dont like the USGA....
  2. the best free advice that I have gotten is watching Mike Bender video clips on instagram
  3. those numbers look pretty good to me.... not sure if I would change a thing.
  4. because the companies have decreased the lofts of all of the clubs. A PW used to be 52 degrees in the times that you are speaking of..... now some companies PW are 43 degrees, most are around 45 degrees. It seems like King Cobra was the first to really jack with the lofts in the early 90's if I remember correctly.
  5. what was the experience? How did they handle it?
  6. No Gallery.... no one watching to see if a player fluffs his lie..... I'll be betting on one specific player each week!
  7. I dont think there is any chance of it being in October due to overseeding. The course would be way too wet. If they didnt overseed it would be great, but the next April (2021) would be terrible.
  8. change the club limit from 14 to 9 and you would see shot making and creativity comeback......
  9. Byron Nelson many times 2 Masters 2 Open Championships 1 European Tour Championship
  10. Pat O’Brien at Lakewood Country club near down town..... Zach Johnson’s putting guy along with quite a few other tour guys.
  11. I post all rounds solo or in a group......I dont play in net tournaments. Really only keep a handicap for statistical trends. Not much of a fan of the USGA.
  12. Bring Rich Beem over..... he has been well received on Sky Sports doing the Euro Golf.
  13. Ive had bad cases off and on for the last 10 years and stretching along with shoe inserts seem to be the two major things for me. My podiatrist told me to buy inserts made by Power Step for about $40 on Amazon. I also wear a compression sock that cradles the arch very tightly when I walk 36 holes. THe socks are great, but cost about $60 for a pair. I have also heard that Hoka tennis shoes are very good for PF, but i have not bought them.
  14. Shouldnt the Head Pro be involved? He should know of many of the avenues to advertise a job. If I were the Head Pro and a committee was hiring an Assistant.... I would be a little nervous....
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