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  1. gunmetal scarring white on face- 2 rounds!I picked up a set of Macgregor mt pro dw gunmetal wedges tis winter. Played 2 rounds with them so far. peformance is great no issues whatsoever. But I am having a problem with the finish along the scorelines. I first noticed it before even hitting a ball. I had them in the trunk on a drive down to florida and one of my other irons must have been rubbing up against it along he ride. When I took the clubs out the 54 had whitish-grey scarring across the face, only where the scorelines are. It really showed up after a the first round. I cleaned the
  2. I have gotten a few more round in with these wedges. Love them performance wise. I am having a real problem with the face of the clubs. Along the scorelines I am getting white-ish marks from bag dinging. Ton of them. I cleaned them once with a wire brush and they got white streaks across the faces. Troubling.
  3. Gonna try something-what should I watch out for?I have posted on this site a number of times abut my ballstriking issues. I am a decent athlete and have played as low as a 5 pre-kids. For the longest time I have struggled with the pulls/pull hooks. My divots always point straight or right. If I hit one fat the divots always come from the inside. With good rythm I hit a hard snapper with bad rythm a pull or pull hook. I cannot hit a fade to save my life. With the help of everything I have read on this site and others plus books I have come across an idea that seems to solve this but I cann
  4. I like Holmes alright but HIT THE BALL ALREADY! He just plays too slow for my tatse.
  5. Funny thing was, I actually putted very well and struck the ball pretty good considering it was my first time swinging a club in about 5 months. Short game was horrific. Its just interesting to me to see how "local" my game really is. I guess the biggest surprise was the "players". I was paired with what I would call 2 normal golfers but when I looked around I could not believe the number of guys with game. I am about a 5hc which I tend to think is pretty good but there were dozens of guys around who would have handed me my lunch. I just do not see that where I live. Of course I am in a
  6. A different world.So I got a chance to sneak in one round of golf on our family trip to FLA. I played at a Public course in FT. Myers designed by Donald Ross. My father in law wanted to play it because we play most of our rounds at a Ross course in NY and he wanted to compare. Plus, they let us walk, which is nice. I liked the course but what a difference between Florida Golf and NY golf. Some of the differences I noticed: 1. Where are the freikin hills?! That was the easiest course to walk I have ever experienced. I know Freidman says "The World is Flat" he must have been referring t
  7. Snuck down to Florida and got one round in with them. Loved them! The set up is beautiful and I was able to hit anything i asked of them . Impressive because it was my first time out. Now I just hope they perform in the turf conditions of Upstate NY. That was my first time playing in FLA and that earth you people walk on down there is way different that it is up here.
  8. Thanks for all your respsonses. the stretches have been working great. i did talk to a PT who works with golfers and she thought it was the priformis too. Thanks
  9. left hip problemsI had a little pain creap into my left hip area at the end of last season. It went away as the snow fell but has creeped back after a few trips to the dome. I feel the tenderness on my left side under my "love handle" and down under my belt and into the side of my glute. I feel at the transition and into the downswing. It definitely feels like a pull/strain of some muscle(s). Anyway, I do not want to put up with into this season and I am looking to add some flexibility in this area and rehab the muscle. Any ideas? If I look at a muscle diagram it seems to be the gluteu
  10. derekapex, Could you elaborate on "your shaft should match your right arm"? I am having a hard time visualizing it. I would like to post pics but I don't know if I will be able to for a while. Thanks, Chris
  11. Just picked up 3 of these for 50 a piece! Will post a review. They just arrived. Feel great, look beautiful, but 100 inches of snow will keep me from commenting on performance for some time.
  12. Underplane pulls.I am a 5 handicap who does not strike the ball very well at all. I pull/pull hook everything and my divots go right. I can keep it in play and i have a nice short game but I never "pure". I have seen a number of insructors and it never goes away. I have tried everything. And I mean everything. Lots of fixes work for a session then go away. I have conciously been trying to work the club left after impact but am finding it very hard to do so. Even when I hit a good one it is always a draw and my finish is always high/vertical. I cannot remember the last time I sliced or
  13. I have gotten to the point where if I hit a big pull hook I yell "GET LEFT!" hoping to trick the ball but it always seems to know what I am up to.
  14. I started a post like this some time ago because I too believed that a regular human could not feel the difference all things being equal. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/index.php?sh...p;hl=hillster32 That being said, a little while after that post I sold my Ping G2's (Cast)and bought a set of Adams Idea Pro's(Forged). I was dead wrong. I COULD UNEQUIVICALLY FEEL A DIFFERENCE! I understand it may have been acoustics, shaft, or swing/head wieght but does that even matter? The perception of the player post impact is all that matters and without a doubt the Adams felt different. The
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