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  1. Eon Sports Giga HS797 Driver Head 9* w/ matching Headcover ......$400 obo. Pxg 0317 Hybrid 17* w/ adapter .....$145 obo. All items shipped priority & insured to USA only. Any questions, please ask. Thanks for looking
  2. I'm not sure, I don't live near Pittsburgh. I'm on the other side of the state about 20 minutes north of Scranton.
  3. COBRA FLY Z+ DRIVER HEAD .... $80 COBRA BIO CELL PRO DRIVER HEAD W/ HEAD COVER....SOLD COBRA LTD PRO DRIVER HEAD .....$75 (has some swirl marks like scratches on crown) BIDGESTONE JGR DRIVER HEAD 9.5*.......SOLD NIKE VR DRIVER HEAD 9.5* ....$30 YONEX I-EZONE DRIVER HEAD 10* W/ 2 ADAPTERS.....95$ - Shipping to US only - PayPal only - will only ship to confirmed address Not interested in any trades, sorry. Any questions, Please ask. Thanks for looking.
  4. msfix13....... seller off eBay
  5. Is there anywhere to buy the small black plastic inserts that are inside the cobra adapters??
  6. Got this to complete an all Cobra bag.
  7. 1) Ping G 14.5 Fairway w/ Diamana Kai'li 80x5ct stiff, stock shaft and h/c also included $225 obo. 2) Cobra Ltd 3/4 Fairway w/ Attas GoGo 8x, comes w/ pouch, wrench, spaceport key, & f7 h/c $195 obo. 3) Royal Collection TRC 15* w/ stock fubuki, no h/c $75 obo. 4) PRGR Egg Hd Head 14.5* w/ H/c $95obo. SOLD 5) TEE Trilogy Heads 13.5* & 18* w/ H/C's $75 obo. 6) TEE X-Rail Head 13.5* w/ H/C $40 obo. 7) Titleist 910F Head 13.5* no H/C $30 obo.SOLD 8) Maruman Shuttle Head 21* w/ H/C $65 obo. 9) Akira Head 20* no H/C $20 obo. If you have any questions, let me know. Not interested in any trades. All items are shipped priority. PayPal only, shipping to U.S. only. Trilogy Face Pics Trilogy Crowns X-Rail Face X-Rail Crown X-Rail Sole akira crown akira face Akira sole
  8. Hit maybe 5 Dozen balls with this, kind of surprised this would happen. Anyone else crack their Ltd?
  9. 1) yamaha inpres x classic (2012) 2) Cobra Baffler T-rail + (2013) 3) Prgr Egg 4) Tour edge trilogy or x-rail
  10. I got it off Ebay, has a Bridgestone JGR head attached. I figured even if it was the platinum, i'd still have a great shaft.
  11. I bought this shaft advertised as an Elements Gold, but pretty sure its a Platinum based on the Pt on the shaft. However the shaft has a bronze's tint to it, and i can't seem to find any pictures of a platinum that aren't all chrome. Wondering if anyone knows if some of the gold's would be labeled pt?
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