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  1. this will be my Christmas purchase. Need a console so will get a PS5 or Xbox
  2. They always ran a bit small on the toe for me but would give them a try again.
  3. Spike wear is pretty good. Feels pretty good. I think it will be fine based on my use. They clean pretty well after the round as well. I feel they breath better then most shoes I have. Which is also why I wont wear them with morning dew. I can feel it start to get wet.
  4. Agree with this. just spend a bit and help the course out. I pack water, snacks and a few beers just to have when the cart is running behind my consumption rate.
  5. BethPage Torry Pines Kapalua Tobacco Road Harbour Town
  6. Air Max 97 and a close second is the Infinity tour's
  7. The feel great, I have had close to 4 - 5 rounds in mine. They will get dirty and start to yellow/brown a bit. I find them a bit slippery on concrete / inside clubhouse tile areas. But overall they are a go to. I am swapping between them and my Air Max 97's
  8. I mix my hats but on a hot day I just get a bucket hat. New Era Golf hats have some nice light materials
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