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  1. Updated my bag and want to free up some space in my garage. All prices OBRO and shipped CONUS. Please let me know if you have any questions on these - I have more photos of each individual club and would be happy to share if needed. Really want to sell for cash, but would consider trades for new Vokey wedges or potentially a TM Spider putter. TWO TXXXXX R11 9* drivers for sale. These were given to me for some long-drive events years ago and only have been hit a dozen or so times. The shafts are both X Flex Graphite Design Prototype Model PM702X 46.5". Please designate club 1
  2. Ah he went full Sergio on the slope at 15! #notworthit
  3. Someone here must have some details on Si Woo Kim’s putter situation. Did he snap it??
  4. This - I had the same question. That looked a lot like three times he grounded his club in a bunker. Maybe because the ball was not in the sand??
  5. [quote name='pga43' timestamp='1333736133' post='4665512'] [quote name='mvslugger' timestamp='1333733962' post='4665300'] This is one good lookin golf bag. Clean and classy: [/quote] It has been photographed & posted on GolfWRX every week since he went to that bag. There are better photos in the Masters photos this week. Greg [/quote] Ha! I don't doubt that! But are you suggesting that my cropped screenshot from the iPad Master's app doesn't compare to your live pics from the tourney?!?! How dare you...
  6. Has anyone else seen this thing??This is one good lookin golf bag. Clean and classy:
  7. KBS shafts are too sick! If I had a new set of these I may have to get some new heads to put tem in #leftylove
  8. This would look sweet on any one of my R-11 drivers #leftylove #driverlove #gripitandripit
  9. [quote name='minhjn' timestamp='1325368690' post='4010789'] i'd be worried that the face isn't gonna be completely flat [/quote] The face of a putter isn't completely flat in the first place. The putter actually has some loft to it. You potentially could adjust the loft yourself without any kind of forward press by adjusting the loft of the club. This would make for a much more consistent putting game.
  10. Currently, I play KBS Tour X Flex shafts because they were a welcome change from my X100's. However, they are launching the ball very high as of late, and I think they have gotten too spinny for me. I want to get fit professionally!
  11. can you explain soft stepping? I play the R7 TP's with KBS Tour X flex. I like the idea of what the C-Taper offers and I really like the MC's. How does soft stepping work and what effect does it have on the shafts?
  12. So I tried this at the sporting goods store that I work at. We have a ProLaunch monitor with the projection screen. It tracks the ball using lasers at two different planes on its way to the screen. Anyways - I put the X flex RIP 70 stock from the TM fitting cart in a TM 3 hybrid. LOL this thing absolutely LAUNCHED the ball off the deck. I was carrying something like 280+, launch angle was around 12*, ball speed near 180, and total distance on the range was north of 300 solid. My standard drive at the time was 315 or so, which made this exceptionally fun...keep in mind it was off the fai
  13. Aw congrats guys! That is going to be such a great experience. I can't wait to hear about it. Have fun!
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