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  1. Chase had some Grill Grates brand grates and they are awesome so I bought some. Has made getting the perfect crust so much easier on my steaks. They aren't cheap, but man are they worth it.
  2. Glad he was able to help, not that I wasn't confident that he could lol. Dan knows the swing.
  3. I do not have my machine anymore, but when I did I explicitly explained that clubs can be damaged during bending. It is really hard to not make some kind of a mark somewhere on a forged head no matter how careful you are. And cast clubs that are hard to bend, be warned. Every place I have ever gone to to have clubs bent have also stated the obvious, especially Dick's. They won't even bend some cast clubs period. Obviously the person doing the bending didn't have a lot of experience. Or the machine is old and worn. Either way, it is just a small dent on t
  4. You can cancel. However, the OG 0211 is a great iron. I have a buddy that has them and he is the reason I bought the GEn3 Ps. I bought my son the 0211 DC. All three are very comparable IMHO in the forgiveness category. The new 0211 DC have very strong lofts though. I wouldn't worry about what your handicap is. I am scratch and would game 0211s in a heart beat.
  5. I didn't have the confidence in mine after three days of practice to put it into a tourney situation. The verdict is still out. I have three more tournaments and then I will give it another shot. My son does like his though and is playing in a a tournament this weekend with his. I just can't get comfortable with the 5 footers and in,
  6. Where are you located? Maybe there are better options locally than the GolfTec?
  7. Second, Ventus Blue or Red. Awesome shafts
  8. Hoping Sugar Daddy wedges move to the front of the line.
  9. I have noticed this too. Luke List and Wyndham Clarke are playing the driver. Personally, I like the Gen4 X better than any driver I have owned. Part of that might be the Ventus Blue shaft. I kicked a TSi3 with a Graphite Design Blue Bullet out of the bag that I was fitted for against Callaway, Ping, and the TM Sim. I bought my son the Proto X. He and I both swing it around 115 which isn't slow and we both see better dispersion and at least as much ball speed or more than our Titleists. The drivers are just as good as anything on the market or better, so I am shocked more g
  10. I wear 14 wide in athletic shoes with the exception of Adidas which are just too narrow. I wear 13 wide in Footjoy. I bought 13 Wide like I always do and they fit perfectly for me. Same that I wear in DryJoy, DNA, Hyperflex, Flex, you name it. I do find the Hyperflex to be lacking on support. I just bought the Hyperflexes since I liked the three pairs of Flex's I have. The Hyerflex is scary for me the lack of side support. These Premiers will be my tounrament shoes to go along with my Tour X BOA's. I dislike the BOA personally too and will buy shoes with strings from now on.
  11. If you are in JAX, definitely go see Dan. If you don't get better after seeing Dan you may be one of the rare golfers that haven't. He will give you the correct drill and then you create your own feels by doing it correctly.
  12. I usually move the weights toward the toe to avoid the lefts, did so with my Tsi3. I haven't found the Gen4 to be left biased for me. I recently made a swing change and switched from a fade to a draw off the tee and haven't had an issue with the Gen4 going left on me but it is easy to draw if that makes sense. At the same time though, we have two holes that demand a fade and will not accept a draw. The Gen4 is just as easy to cut for me as it is to draw.
  13. If I understand correctly, the port to hold the weight, with the threads etc, weighed a substantial amount. Therefore, PXG decided that since that port didn't seem to get used often from their experience, they used that extra weight from the threads etc and relocated it making the driver more forgiving. I have a Gen4 X and bought my son the Proto X. The weight port on the toe is nice, but I do not miss it on my Gen4. The Gen 4 head seems smaller heel to toe than the Proto X and a tad deeper face. I love the all black of the Proto, but I hit the Gen4 a little better. Of course
  14. Two guys at my club have now ordered PXG irons after hitting mine.
  15. After two days I like mine pretty well. I thought the long putts would be more difficult to used to and the short ones would be like stealing. I was wrong. I have adapted really well with distance control on the long putts and making way more than previous because the ball is starting on line so well with better speed. It is the short ones giving me fits. I have found I have to play more break than I used to. I am hitting them softer I guess? Or not subconsciously pushing or pulling short ones. I use a line on my ball, and it is rolling end over end super tight. I just ha
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