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  1. Looking for a basic swing speed radar for speed training.shipped to 37363 please. Thanks
  2. I switched from I210 to 0311p with the stock shat in x100. Favorite irons I’ve ever owned.
  3. Titleist TSi3 9* head in good shape includes head over. The head has a small paint scratch on the toe. SOLD Mitsubishi Tensei White AV Raw 2.0 TX flex 75 with Titkeist tip, never used, $old Graphite Design AD DJ 7s with Titleist tip $130 OBO Graphite Design AD BB 7x with Titleist tip SOLD Callaway brand new in plastic X Forged UT 18* with Catalyst 100 6.5 shaft $old ALL PRICES SHIPPED VIA USPS
  4. Looking for a Ventus Red 6X - TM Tip Doesn't have to have the tip as I will most likely tip it. I am looking for the real deal Velecore, not the Made For TM version Shipped to TN
  5. Looking for Taylormade Sim 8 or 9 degree head or complete driver. Preferably TM Sim 9* with a Ventus Blue 6X. Or just the head and I will pick up the shaft. Worst case the complete driver and I ditch the shaft and install the Ventus. Thanks
  6. I like my Gen 3 Ps better than my i210s by quite a bit. I bought the T gap wedge but if 'I had to do it again I would buy all Ps myself. The Ps are so forgiving it is ridiculous. I just wouldn't give that up for the T personally, the T is not as forgiving. I am not a bad iron player but I still do not want to give up the forgiveness of the P.
  7. I picked up my buddies conventional length putter and hit a few putts because he wanted to test my armlock. I felt naked. Nuff said.
  8. Besides all of the above mentioned, pace of play, play when I want, practice when I want, etc. it is a great place to meet people, make friends, and make business relationships. I recently moved 350+ miles to Chattanooga. I had to find an insurance agent, bank, different contractors etc. I looked at 4 different clubs since golf is important to me. I joined a club before I even moved in to our home and I asked the club GM for references for all of the different folks I needed to do business with. Now I am going to need a doctor, dentist, wife needs a hair dresser, all of the little things you use on a weekly or monthly basis. I like to do business with people I meet and know about at the club. Or not do business with them if you know what I mean LOL
  9. I am going to pull the trigger on a new indoor putting mat. I had a BirdieBall 4'x30' years ago and I just threw it out recently. I wish I had kept it. We are moving to a new place and now I have room again but this time I plan to purchase a Big Moss. What size does everyone recommend? I am thinking I want something at a minimum 12' and probably need 15'? I am leaning Augusta EX Pro V2. How many cups? 1,2, or 3? Is being able to completely stand on it, meaning width of at least 4' needed? Can you stand completely on a 3' width? Any accessories that are must haves? What would you guys that own Big Moss mats purchase differently or the same if you did it again? Thanks
  10. One of my funniest buddies had a great one liner about a guy at our club that is a braggart and not very well liked. My buddy found said unpopular members ball one day because the ball had said unpopular members name on it, First and Last name. My buddy proceeds to say "Evidently Fat bastxxx wouldn't fit." I lost it.
  11. I have a 19* Proto X hybrid on the way. It shipped three days after I ordered it.
  12. I ordered my first armlock from Evnroll at the beginning of June. I messed with it some but was terrible on short putts and long putts were actually good. Had too many tournaments to stick with it at that time. After a couple of weeks, I took it out to the practice green one day to either see if it worked or I was selling it. I spent four hours with it on the green and figured out I had to change my stance, ball position, and grip. I watched a ton of youtube videos, especially of Kuchar, and I figured out what worked for me. Once I moved the ball more forward, opened my stance and shoulder line, and strengthened my grip placing the shaft more under than on the side of my forearm, then I started seeing better results. The new setup gave me enough confidence to put it into play even with more tournaments on the schedule. It worked pretty well and six footers and in felt way more confident. I then ordered a Bat Attack from PXG. After replacing the shaft with a Stability Tour, it is now my favorite putter. My putting has improved with it, especially short ones. I feel like my stroke is driven by my shoulders now. I rarely three putt. Last week one of my buddies wanted to hit some putts with it so I grabbed his conventional putter. Man oh man did I feel naked. Felt like I had zero control over the face now. I obviously have become comfortable with the armlock and a standard length putter now feels terrible to me.
  13. Reshafted my BR Bat Attack with the Stability Tour and now it is as solid as a Sherman Tank. Love it.
  14. I ended up joining the Ooltewah Club. It has some quirks, but after playing it and meeting a lot of the staff and members, I think it is going to fit well. So the quirks: First hole and driving range - you have to drive your cart about two blocks to get to the driving range. You go to the end of the street and drive past about three houses, and then you are there. It isn't very convenient to walk to. The first tee is then past two more houses and another half a block. It is a little weird. Then when you get to the tee, the first hole was changed from a par 5 to a new green that is a par 3. I played the tees one up from the back that played at 6500+ and the first hole was playing 175-ish. Although it is different to start on a par 3, it is a good par 3. You then play a par 4 and a par 5, and back out to the neighborhood where you take a little trek to the next set of holes. You drive through the neighborhood several times. At first I wasn't crazy about it, it would make walking a real PITA. But, the houses on the course are pretty cool with several in the multi-million plus range so it is kinda neat checking out some of the McMansions. There are a couple of holes that are a little quirky where you can't hit driver and need a long iron off the tee, and then there are two back to back par 3's on holes 9 and 10. There are 5 par 3's and five par 5's. Now the good. The greens were very very good. We didn't see a putt bounce all day, smooth as glass, and they were running around 10 which is where they keep them most of the time. They could easily get them faster. The shape and slopes on the greens were exceptionally well done. Bobby Cupp reshaped the greens and he did an excellent job. They were really interesting but nothing crazy. There are two greens with some pretty big slopes and tiers, but most are fairly gradual and make putting and trying to get up and down very fun. The greens were one reason I joined. The overall conditions were very good. They just started a weed program and eventually I do not think you will see a spec of crab grass anywhere, not that there is much now anyway. The tee boxes were in good shape, the rough was fair, and the fairways were very good. I didn't have a bad lie all day. the bunkers were very good too, all re-done and the sand was a perfect mix of firm and the right depth. Made bunker shots very predictable and consistent. The course has some really good holes, some average holes, and a couple of quirky holes, but to be honest they weren't as bad as I expected because I had heard they were weird. #8 in particular I heard was not a good hole. After playing it, I didn't feel that way. Yeah I hit 5 iron off the tee, but I could easily take 4 iron now that I know the hole and hit it 225. The 5 iron left me with 160-ish 8 iron in to a really good green. Sure you can't hit a wood, but I didn't mind trying to hit a well placed long iron for a 150+ iron shot into a great green. They have big plans, building a new short game area, expanding the kitchen, adding a new grill room to separate the crowd from the dining room, building a new simulator room, and changing some hole layouts in the future. The members and staff were incredibly friendly, down to earth, and laid back. It isn't a stuffy place, although a couple of the staff were honest and admitted there are that 10% of special folks in there minds anyway. Not my cup of tea. So that is a plus. One real estate developer is the majority owner, and then there are three minority owners, the Chef, the GM, and the Super Intendant. So the three guys running the place have skin in the game and you can see it in the level of customer service. I think the future looks bright at this place. There were three people that joined the day I did. They are picking up members right and left. It wouldn't surprise me if the membership isn't full in a couple of years the way they are heading. They don't let the public on any more and the tee sheet is pretty consistently full now with 335 playing members.I think they want to get to 400 playing members. If anyone ever wants to play it send me a DM and I would be happy to play with you.
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