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  1. Made another trip down to Houston to see Chase and Hal. I have made a lot of trips over the past 15 years to some great instructors, but this trip I learned more about golf, mechanics, ball flight, and playing than any trip I have ever made. We spent a lot of time together over a couple of days and started by just playing 18 holes at Houston Oaks so Chase could see what I do on the course. We worked on the swing all afternoon after playing 18 and then again the next morning. Some of the things I learned were again totally the opposite of some of the misconceptions I had had ab
  2. So after two weeks being stretched, these are a no go for me. The Biom Hybrids are significantly roomier and wider than these. Unfortunately I am not going to be able to wear these. I can't even hardly get them on let alone wear them playing golf.
  3. Cooking three racks of baby backs tomorrow with scalloped potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts with garlic, bacon, and a little brown sugar, green beans, homemade corn bread, and a salad. My wife makes the greatest homemade ranch and red salad dressings on the planet. Can't wait.
  4. Bruce Lietzke did okay playing his one ball flight. And Kenny Perry. And Colin Montgomery. And the list goes on and on and on.
  5. In the beginning they actually did have the TX listed for the White and Blue. I ordered the Blue TX and my pro was told from the beginning ( I ordered the first week they could be pre-ordered ) that it wouldn't ship until Jan 2021. My pro inquired about three weeks ago when it would ship and he was told the White would ship at the end of Feb and the Blue wouldn't be available to ship until the end of March. I am not certain if it is the 2.0 or not.
  6. Visualizing and committing to every single shot. I do not visualize shots well and I have been trying to get better at it. It is really hard to be disciplined enough to do it on every single shot and have ZERO doubt in what you are doing.
  7. I am by no means an expert on MORAD, but as I understand it, there are several ways to swing the club depending on the shape you want. I would not call it a method. You can make changes to draw or fade, depending on the pattern, same with CF vs CP. I took lessons from Plummer back in the day before he was the Stack and Tilt guy and he had just finished spending a long time with Mac, over a year. He knew Mac's stuff inside and out. He didn't teach each student the same stuff, but he did have preferences on positions and ranges you needed to be between.
  8. Episode #5 is awesome. The Ryder Cup. Hal gives an insiders view of what happens behind the scenes. It is an awesome episode. If you are a golf fan, you will love this podcast. https://anchor.fm/halsuttongolf
  9. The latest episode, #5, is absolutely awesome. Hal talks about all of this Ryder Cup experiences and when he was Captain etc. There have only been 24 Captains, so it is pretty cool to get the inside story of what happens behind the scenes. Love the podcast.
  10. I switched recently from the V1 to the Z star. My on course SS is around 110-ish and I haven't seen any difference in distance at all. Very similar for me. I like the Z quite a bit although the seam starts showing after several holes.
  11. I got a pair of S-three's in 47. I couldn't find a 48. I think they are slightly more narrow than my Biom Hybrids. It is close. I have my stretching trees in them now to stretch both the length and width some.
  12. My sons pair started to separate at the toe, from the sole. Pro sent them back in April, we finally got a brand new pair in December. I understand Covid yada yada yada, but that was pretty dang slow and his were three weeks old.
  13. Callaway Super Hybrid is the easiest straightest best hybrid I have ever owned. Love em.
  14. Sounds similar. Nose would be pointing in the same direction of the eyes most of the time anyway.
  15. It took me while to get it. Chase and I didn't work on it when I was there, the nose down and left feel, we worked on shoulders. But when I would send follow up videos, he said "get your nose down and left". Probably took me a month on my own to finally feel what he was saying.
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