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  1. When I have to hit a fairway, I move the ball slightly back, barely open the face, and I raise my hands quite a bit. Higher hands moves the face right and lower hands move it left. Chase showed me this shot, and moving the hands changes the face. Not sure why though when you move your hands higher you hit it less right? It is the opposite for me. I don't know enough to tell you why though, but I do know that raising the handle helps me fade it.
  2. Is the Blue TX that much better and different than the White X? I know the White is supposed to be "low/low" but how would the Blue TX compare to the White X? Thanks
  3. I always clean the area with rubbing alcohol and then hit it with the heat gun real good. Never had a problem with that method, stays on for years.
  4. I played the original Directed Force for about three years after Monte turning me onto it. It stayed in the bag quite a while. It retired to the garage last year, I didn't sell it though, as I know it will make a comeback maybe one day. My big complaint with it was the face was so slow, it was good on fast greens but I had to hammer it on slow greens. I have been struggling as of late with the putter, so I just pulled the trigger on the B2. L.A.B. had a second close to my specs so it was a good deal. Should be here Friday. Can't wait.
  5. 1. Bellefonte Country Club 2. Ashland, KY 5. 1 4. Titleist TS3 10.5 Graphite Design AD BB 7x 5. Man O War Driving Range, Lexington KY 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  6. Would use the White TX in the driver and the Orange TX in the 3 wood to match my Orange Hybrid X. Ordering a Titleist Tsi3 and plan to get an AV Raw shaft, just trying to figure out which are going to be offered.
  7. Unfortunately, I am not going to be able to try shafts before I order. I get a great deal from my pro buddy and I have to place my order when he places his initial order. My SS is around 112 on the course. Have always played X and have been fitted a million times into X shafts. I get along better with slightly heavier shafts, 70+ grams, usually high 70's work best for me. I have a AD BB 7X in my Ts3 now. I also have a HZRDUS Smoke X with a Titleist adapter on it that came in the Ts3, that I was actually fit into but the fitter didn't have that many X shafts for me
  8. If I find a cheap flight to LA or you are east of the Mississippi we will make it to another Monte day I am sure so you can loosen the bottle again.
  9. Nice work. Looks much easier. Jealous you are heading to Houston. Check out Truth's for some great bbq and brisket. I plan to make another trip back down next spring or early summer and take my son. I think Chase can help him a bunch. He made huge progress after Monte's clinic and I think Chase can polish it up.
  10. I feel like Ive made a break through. It has only been a month, but the results and the ease of swinging with the new changes give me confidence that it is not a "honeymoon" or anything. Chase cleared things up in my mind and now I am not trying to do things that I shouldn't have been to begin with. My handicap has hovered between 2-5 depending on practice etc and now it will be plus side shortly. Just returned from a Vegas golf trip and shot under par at Bali Hai and the Wynn. Have three more rounds at par or better at my home club. I feel like I am going to be plus 2 soon an
  11. Looking for a LAB Blade type.
  12. I hear you loud and clear, trust me I couldn't get the feel of it for a long time. Monte actually had me doing the exact Noren drill to get the feel. I tried a lot of different stuff. The only thing that helped me feel it was when Chase held my shoulders in place. That gave me the feel I needed. The other thing that helped was understanding how short of a period the left shoulder goes down, it feels like a nano second. I was always trying to tilt left for a long time. It is just a second and then you can tilt right. The feel I have now during play is to just pull my left s
  13. Update after a few practice sessions and rounds: Finally feel like my swing is where I want it, no more searching. This swing is by far the easiest for me. I don't feel anything awkward, contrived, weird, etc. Just feel like I can setup and swing. It has taken a long time to get here, but I feel like Chase gave me the final piece fixing the left shoulder move. Hit 15 greens and shot the easiest, most stress free 71 today. The ball is flying so much higher with more spin now. Driver is hard to turn over, but I like to fade it anyway. Since it is flying higher, I am carry
  14. So I have been told many times "get your left shoulder down and around, don't tilt too early, yada yada". I knew what was wrong and couldn't fix it myself. Good instructors gave me good drills, but on my own I just wasn't getting it. The thing that fixed it for me, was Chase physically putting his hands on my shoulders when I would get to the top and stop. He would hold my shoulders and have me push his hand down with my left shoulder. Or he would hold both shoulders, keeping me in left tilt, while I dropped my arms and turned my lower body. Once I had that feel o
  15. I don't have any but if I did, they would literally look exactly like the AMG video of him holding Shauns shoulders while he dropped his arms and rotated his lower body. Or the video of Rose, those are perfect videos.
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