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  1. need this stuff to sell!!hey guys i got in trouble with my parents for buying too much stuff on ebay, so this stuff has to go. 1. Rife Barbados- 35" and in really great shape. I bought it but just never got used to it and its been sitting on the sidelines for a month. I used it for a couple of practice sessions and 2 18 holes rounds so its in 9/10 condition. Sorry no headcover....its really ugly anyway $125 Shipped 2. Rescue Dual- 19 degrees stock steel shaft. Was agamer for awhile so it shows wear. Still got plenty of life left tho. No major marks/skymarks anywhere on the club. Incl
  2. sorry...looking for $65 shipped for y-cutter....also to update i only have headcovers for the 7-wood, sasquash and hybrid....i have some extra headcovers (ping g2, big bertha and plain black) that i can include in the sale. I also added some pics of the R5 TP shaft, which were requested.
  3. have a bunch of stuff to sell sale1. R5 TP 10.5 with Mitsu LT-70 stiff shaft----bought this club brand new 3 months ago when my old 905R cracked...it has been my gamer so it has some scratches and marks on the face from hitty crappy range balls but other than that its in very good shape. I no longer have the head cover but will include the weight kit with standard weights. $140 shipped 2. Taylormade Rescue Dual 19 stiff---I've had this club for about a year and it does have scratches along the face/top and a small nick on the crown that cannot be seen from address. I can adjust the weights
  4. i was wondering the same thing....is it even possible to register for a qualifier without paying 205 dollars to be a member of the AJGA?
  5. i have cobra comp fairway woods and i bomb it with them. I would recommend getting a strong 4 wood (15.5) instead of a 3. I have the strong 4 and 7 and hit them 10 yards farther than other fairways I've tried. Plus they're like 75-100 on ebay.
  6. in my mind, the most important factor that will decide if you make it or not is your mental game and how you perform under pressure. I think it is KEY that you play in as many junior,high school, amateur and eventually college tournaments. Anytime you play in a tournament, you can feel the pressure and start to get used to it. Also, try to get into some major tournies (us junior qualifier, state juniors, states ams etc.) where you are competing against some really good golfers. I can tell you from personal experience, those short 3 footers look mighty long when you've got a chance to quali
  7. hey guys thanks for all the great responses. I think I've pretty much narrowed it down to an odyessey 2 ball center shaft or a rife barbados. If i can get a barbados for under 130, then ill get it, if not ill go with the 2 ball. Anyone here got a barbados or 2 ball center shaft they would be willing to sell for cheap?? I'll gladly take it off your hands :friends:
  8. grimace, do you know of any face balanced blade style putters? Right now im trying to decide between the DFX/White Hot 2 Ball and the Red X. Any suggestions? Also what about that center shaft, will that be good for my straight back and thru stroke?
  9. well, correct me if im wrong, since i have a straight back, straight thru stroke, i should be looking to buy a mallet. I already know about the 2-ball, but are there any other good mallets under 130 out there? Also just a random question, whats the difference/advantage of a center shaft putter vs. a traditional hosel design??? Thanks guys
  10. that can be bought for under $130what do you guys think is the best putter out there that can be bought for under $130 (whether on ebay or in stores)?
  11. This Rac is tour issue because it has no serial number and if you check on golfsmith and other websites, is not available at retail. I think it was a mistake to call this club TP because it is different from the TP Black version you can buy at most golf shops. What makes this club different from the RAC TP Y-Cutter you currently own is it does not have the TP logo on the back, but the RAC logo. It also has much sharper grooves (because it was made for a tour player) and in my opinion feels crisper at impact. This club normally sells for 115+!!!! At $100 shipped, this club is priced to sel
  12. 58-8For sale is a used Taylormade Black RAC Y-Cutter TOUR version with 58 degrees loft and 8 degrees of bounce. The wedge is used but is still in very good condtion because i rarely find myself using it around the course (thats why I'm selling it) and the grooves still have LOTS of bite. The shaft, length and lie are standard and the grip is a regular golf pride in very good condition. I'm looking to move this for 100$ shipped.
  13. i used to follow the pelz straight back and thru philosophy when i had a mallet putter. However, i recently bought a cameron and decided to try to Utley method. What i found was the Utley was much more consistent over the course of a round and much better to repeat under pressure. In fact, after practicing the method for 2 days, i used it in my match yesterday and was really happy. I had a putt of the 18th hole to win my match and win the match for my team. It was basically make it and win, or miss it, half and lose. It was a 20 foot right to lefter and drained it with both teams and sev
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