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  1. Mac- You do realize the subject of 3 ring binders is verboten with Wilson.. No less an authority than Larry Bobka confirmed the existence of the 3 ring binders a few years ago in a replied message, as well as the person at Wilson responsible for grinding Bob Charles irons. Perhaps there was too much custom information contained there for Wilson to just throw away, because of their Centennial. Robert Mendralla (RIP) of Wilson was likely the person who started and kept the 3 ring binders. My educated? guess is they are in the possession of Robert Mendralla's son, Bob Jr. It was a woman w
  2. LeftyMac- What you have is a very rare set of Custom LH Wilson Staff Persimmon woods (1,2,3,4)from the 1940s, which have been refurbished. Drill thru hosels? Check. The Custom order numbers are the stamps above(7429) and below (FM 313031)the Swingweighted stamps on the soleplate. Length, Swingweight, Shaft, Grip type, etc., With the introduction of the "Strata-Bloc" laminating process in 1948, Wilson began to discontinue making LH Persimmon woods (Walter Hagen didn't make any as well ) but- If you were at a private club with a very connected Wilson Staff Pro, and- heres the biggie
  3. STU- As you know, not too long ago Johnny Miller called the Bullseye the "best putter ever made." Made in 1948 in Sault Ste Marie, MI during a heatwave, John Reuter Jr wanted to "make a putter that swung as evenly as the pendulum on a clock." Supposedly those original "Pat Pend" Bullseye models used a different brass formula, as well as a different shaft from True Temper. As your photo shows, there are differences and, just like MacGregor Ironmasters and Wilson 8802s, what model feels great to one may not feel as good to another. In 1955 Jack Fleck, using a Bullseye, beat Ben Hogan for th
  4. Tnord- The ball is your critical path. Nearly 40 year old thin cover wound balata golf balls-Seriously? Would've amended the terms to allow newer lower compression golf balls. If not, find a good compression gauge, and a roundness gauge. Better to have them and not need them, than... Good Luck.
  5. STU- Since you started... Our Dad took photos of Charlie Sifford, Pete Brown, and Lee Elder at the Buick Open (MI)in the '60s. This was long before the PGA Tour established guidelines for photos and autographs. Followed Calvin Peete at a Monday Pro Am in June '79, It was the day after '79 US Open in Inverness (irwin). The Pro-Am headliner was 67 years young Sam Snead, who would have shot his age except for a number on 18. Peete had played the final round at Inverness with Gary Player. It was less than a month before his 1st Win at Milwaukee. Peete putted with a Wilson Tour Special (8802)
  6. 3putts- Glad you like them... irons were used by Lietzke( RIP), Gallagher bros, and others, "possibly" TA III. TA pretty much kept this forged iron model RH Only. On another note- 230 with a 4 iron? That's pretty strong.
  7. 57- Nice avatar. The Wilson Staff Dynapower iron series were from 1957-1975. (Staff Model, Dynapower, Fluid Feel) Some notable years of the Dynapower models- '58- Dyna-Powered Staff Model with Flag, frosted parallels framing scoring lines, with Fluid Feel and Arrow on hosel. '58 Sand Wedges became sought after, and resulted in a "Remake" model years later. '69-'70 - Bulletbacks- for the "Bullet" grind '71 -'72- Buttonbacks- for the "W/S" button- Note- These Sand Wedges were not stamped "Dynapower" '73 -'75- Adjustabacks- for the Adjustable weight port- which could be chang
  8. Calvin Peete was a RAM Tour Staff, as was Tom Watson. PGA Tour Staffers had the luxury of getting Custom Ground irons. No surprise there. If one compares the Peete Personal Grind to the Tom Watson Personal Grind, they might find the leading edge, the bounce and the back pad grinds are slightly different. From the photo, Peetes RAM Personal Grind SW appears to have a milled cut in the back pad, eliminating the overall weight rather than by drilling holes. It now appears "custom" ground wedges include drilled holes. Somewhere in the Sports Illustrated Vault, there is an article written by
  9. Acquired a LH set of George Nicoll Z Pinsplitter Irons in 2016. It included Wedges.
  10. Lanzador- This is the '73-74 Walter Hagen (W/H Crest in circle) Haig Ultra model. If a Sand Iron, it's rare as this was one of the best years for Wilson/Walter Hagen. Their RH/LH translation was very good for this model. Very Nice!
  11. Celebros- And there were photos of the old MacGregor factory on line a few moons ago, as it was FOR SALE.
  12. Bear- These Titleist Tour Model 841 irons were Titleists answer to losing their golf ball market share on Tours with those Tour players who were on different equipment staffs, and were paid to play other golf balls. Note- It was the Maxfli HT ball that won all 4 Grand Slam events in 1988. The "feel intensifiers" aka wood dowels inside these Titleist forged irons were part of their ad campaign. These were the irons which were made in conjunction with the Titleist Staff Tour Model Persimmon Woods, done under contract for Titleist by Joe Powell. LH Joe Powell persimmon woods were
  13. Drew- These are indeed MacGregor Toney Penna Personal Model irons... a relatively rare find. You should try to get in touch with Charley Penna Jr.. (xgolfx). Toney Penna was his Uncle, and he spent more time at MacGregor, caddied for Byron Nelson and has much more than common knowledge about his Uncle, his father, the Penna family, and all of their years at MacGregor Golf, then at Toney Penna Golf. These irons you have posted appear to be from the early '50s, and close to a 985 profile. The "Personal Model" stamp appears to be the same one used on the MacGregor Ben Hogan Personal
  14. Many moons ago- Original Big Bertha Driver, Cleveland Classic TC-15 3 wood, 19 degree Taylor Made Tour Cleek II, 1971 Wilson Staff "Buttonback" Dynapower irons 3-PW 1962 Walter Hagen Haig*Ultra Fluid Feel Sand Iron, Golden Ram TW 60 Degree Wedge, and a Tad Moore TM-5 Milled putter. They made the Darrell Survey for a USGA event.
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