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  1. Another great video from Monte. Similar stuff that I've seen from Jake Hutt, Clay Ballard and other instructors, but presented in an easy to digest format. Wife was looking at me weird when I was in the garage doing a drill with a broom and soda bottle.
  2. Don’t think anyone is saying Monte is the end all be all instructor but he’s helped a lot of folks on the site. From the clinic I attended and his recent videos for bunker shots the setup is with a little wider stance, a little more tilt, face open with grooves pointing towards the lead toe. Swing is a normal swing with club entering somewhere behind the ball with the most important thing is that you finish the swing and don’t hold anything off or drag the hands
  3. Arccos. Does all of these SG calcs without much user input except for the first putt distance. Has been great to understand the strengths and weaknesses in my game and has helped me focus my practice on areas for improvement.
  4. Again thanks to @Bridgestone Golf & @GolfWRX_Official for selecting me for this testing. I meant to have a review done earlier but strained my back a couple weeks back and didn't get to play much but did get 3 rounds in with the E12 Contact. Info: A little about myself. Currently a 13.5 HC player who by Golfwrx standards is a short hitter (225 yd average with Driver). Strengths of my game (according to Arccos) is putting and short game, with my weakness being Driving and Approach shots. Current gamer ball has been the Snell MTB Black due to its all-around characteristics and good price. Most of my play is on a links style course and where I can play the ball on the ground and my hope with a new ball is one that can get a little bit. Looks: I've played the E6 Bridgestone ball in the past which was more of distance ball but was intrigued by E12 which advertises distance a spin. I had signed up for the matte green ball but was delivered the white ball which has a nice glossy finish. I prefer the current "B" Logo rather than the spelled out name Driver: As noted above this is currently the weakest part of my game and I would say I didn't get any meaningful data from the E12. Looking at my Arccos data my dispersion was greater with the E12 but that's because I can't find the center of the clubface with the driver regardless of ball. Iron: Another weakness of my game has been my iron/approach shots and I think this is where the E12 shined for me. Before I hurt my back I was able to play a local par 3 which is along the SF Bay and is know for it's windy conditions in the afternoon. I normally struggle at this course but the in the round I played with the E12 I did really well. The ball did seem to just want to go straight and almost cut through the wind. This wasn't just on low/med trajectory shots either, it was for high shots as well. On a larger course my GIR numbers and approach shots have really improved as well. It's only been 3 rounds but my Arccos is showing a marked increase in GIR % from about 39% to 52% Pitches and Chips: For pitches between 50-75 yds I didn't notice any real differences between the E12 and my current gamer on spin or distance. There may have been slightly more height but nothing that really jumps out. For chips around the green I don't flop it much but did notice that on my stock chip I did get a little more roll-out on my ball. From the sand I did get 2 sandys on my last round but not sure I can attribute that the ball Putting: This the strongest part of my game and I have not putted well at all with the E12. The ball felt a little dead off my putter face and I had speed control using this ball. For the most part I was leaving a lot of putts short. Now my putter, Bettinardi Innovai 6.0 doesn't have the hottest face but I didn't have these issues with my Snell Initial Conclusions: Besides my results on putting, I really like how this ball performed with my irons. I have another 2-day club tournament this coming weekend and hope to have more feedback on the the E12 off the tee and I'm going to be working on my putting with this ball during the week. More to follow...
  5. Have always played GP Tour velvets in my irons. However I just picked up a Bettinardi putter that has a Lamkin Deep etch grip that I really like. I see that Lamkin has the similar etching on their Sonar Tour grips and wanted to see if anyone uses them and has some real world feedbacks. Looks like there were some threads on the Sonar + but didn't see much on the Sonar Tour
  6. Motore X F3 6 stiff 1/4" Short and golf pride Tour velvet 360 grip I guess I could have gone off the rack with X F3 7 but I liked the lighter F3 6 shaft
  7. In the US, but my custom order took about 6 weeks, which was what I was quoted.
  8. Thanks @Bridgestone Golf & @GolfWRX_Official for selecting me. Balls were delivered last night but didn't have a chance to hit them. Going to try to play a local Par 3 pitch and putt tonight after work to get some feedback.
  9. 1. City and State? San Francisco, CA 2. Where do you practice (outdoors or indoors?) Mainly outdoors 3. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? Yes I've used a Mevo 4. How could a Rapsodo MLM help your game? Help me understand distances and dispersion 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
  10. I need to have roughly 75-100 headcovers made for my club as a giveaway. Thinking either a hybrid or fairway wood cover with our club logo. Would like to keep the cost below $40/headcover. Just want to see if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks!
  11. Just looked at a map and it looks like this course is about 20 miles south of the resort. Wonder if they are going to add housing here or just shuttle folks back and forth
  12. Same here. I’ve posted this in another thread but the 425 max has been the most accurate driver I’ve used but am not seeing the distance from previous drivers. I’ve ordered a 23 and 20 gram weight and hopefully the lighter weight will bring up the speed
  13. What headweight are you going to be playing to get it to C9? I have a 425 Max and am purchasing weights to go to an Autoflex as well and am buying different weights to try out
  14. I’ve gamed a 425 max for a month and while it’s the most accurate driver I’ve used since the k15 I’d agree with others that the head feels heavy and balls don’t pop compared to my 400 max. While the 26g weight probably helps with MOI I’m thinking I might go with a 10g lower weight
  15. The Golf Mart San Francisco Looking for a more stable shaft than my current one firm
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