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  1. Acushnet had one temp green and an hour and a half frost delay. Sent everyone off of 10 being the back nine gets more sun then the front. Greens were slow and bumpy, but it was better then sitting at home.
  2. Playing Acushnet River Valley tomorrow morning.
  3. Weather is looking great this weekend, where you teeing it up?
  4. Does anyone have any swing weight numbers for the 699 pro irons?
  5. Southern Dunes is typically a must play. Country Club of Winter haven is private I believe, played it once a few years ago,nothing spectacular.Royal Saint Cloud has been getting a lot of high praise lately.Red Tail is a course that's a little tough to play the first time, a few fairways end sooner then they appear to. Champions gate Country Club, not the resort, is well worth looking into.
  6. Has anyone played Canterbury Woods in New Hampshire recently? Wondering what the conditions are like. Thanks
  7. Playing in CT Friday and Sunday this week.
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