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  1. Got my hands on an Impact Press training iron at the PGA Show and thought it was a pretty simple but very cool idea. Basically a club that intentionally sets up closed (with a colored line on the hosel to show you where) then another one on the top line to get you to square it up. Put me in a solid impact position, definitely got me feeling a lot of shaft lean but helped mostly without coming over the top and digging I was able to shallow my path out. From what I can see from those who have tried it the initial feedback has been really good. Wondering if anyone else on here has had the chance to try it yet. My favorite thing about it is that its offered in left handed www.impactpressgolf.com
  2. Greg, you’re working late! See you tomorrow morning with my purple shirt.
  3. Gentleman, Looking to part ways with my set of PXG 0311P irons. I have only played a dozen rounds with them- they feel great and look even better, but just can't get away from what I've been gaming. I'm not interested in any trades, just hoping to get some of my money back on these. Pictures are very accurate for the condition of the clubs, 3 and 4 iron are brand new. PXG 0311P GEN2 3-PW, GW (9 clubs) Modus 3 130 Stiff +1/2" and 2* up from PXG Standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet Full Cord grips (Standard +1 wrap, logo down) $2500 shipped or best offer.
  4. Aldila Tour Green driver shaft sold.
  5. Embarrassing... I have never made this mistake before. Can a moderator please help me move this to the lefty page?
  6. Hey gentleman, Looking to part ways with some things that have been sitting in the corner of my house. All prices include shipping within the US, Canada buyers will pay additional shipping. Trade interest for 22-23 hybrids only. Tour Issued TM Aeroburner TP 3HL 16.5 (actual 16, 2 degrees open) shafted with Accra Tour Z M275 M4 (stiff flex) at 42.5". Head has been hot melted. Tour Velvet Midsize grip. Club has seen less than 20 swings. $old! Callaway MD4 Black wedges in 52, 56, and 60 with DG Tour Issue 115. All are standard specs as close to off the rack as you can get with Tour Velvet Midsize grips. The 60 shows the most wear from about 30 bunker shots, the 56 seeing about 10 swings, and the 52 seeing about 4-5 swings. $old! Aldila Tour Green 75 Stiff fairway pull at 42". $30 Aldila Tour Green 65 X for driver with TM (RH) tip at 44.5". $old! Accra Tour Z M275 M4 Stiff fairway pull at 42". Was brand new on install about a week ago, perfect, prepped, and ready for install. $old! Dynamic Gold S400 hybrid shaft with Titleist tip at 39 1/4". $40 Mint Jan Craig headcovers in Royal/White/Silver color scheme. Extra 2 inches added for no shaft damage in your bag. $old! Thanks!
  7. The buyer messaged me at 5:46pm, you replied to this post at 6:34pm. Definitely message me direct in the future instead of responding to the original post, I'll see that faster. Sorry my friend.
  8. All PMs answered. Callaway wedge sold.
  9. Both tour issued Aeroburner drivers and M1 still available
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