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  1. @nogopehrs, not sure what drove the sad reaction but I updated my post so that it's clear my tip values were on top of the $100 bag fee. I guess I thought that 20% tip was normal with an extra bonus 50-100% tip on the last round being appropriate. Curious from others if I'm out of line as I have future trips planned. I never seemed to get a negative reaction in my past 5 trips but the caddies are all so nice there, they probably wouldn't speak up.
  2. I usually do $20 per round as a tip ($120 total) and then a $50-$100 tip ($150-$200 total) on the last round depending on how the week went. Total usually works out to about $800 for a typical 6 round trip. I also always buy all their food and drink while on the course which I think is customary.
  3. Awesome, congrats to all that completed it and impressed @spud3with your scores considering pace and duration. Do you know if they allow singles to take it on or is it all double occupancy or greater? I'd love to do it, but all of my golfing friends are not that hardcore.
  4. @BG5, awesome review and some great scores! Have to admit, I was skeptical that you would hold up with as much golf as you had planned but not only did you do it but you added some!!!!!! BRAVO my friend. What tees did you end up playing? I know you were debating but with the scores you shot, I would think that you could easily handle the greens.
  5. https://www.bandondunesgolf.com/course-cameras
  6. Enjoy the adventure, I think you made the right call playing Bandon first, there's no more special treat for me than watching the sun go down while standing on the tee box at 16. Looking forward to your trip report.
  7. I played 54 once but it was not part of a 7 day, 13 round trip and even then, my timing was somewhat lucky as I played my last two rounds as a single on a relatively quiet course allowing me to zip around in a little over 3 hours. I can't imagine plugging a 3 round day with an afternoon at old mac into your schedule. I really think you may be underestimating the afternoon winds and how exposed some of the courses are. I play 36 holes a day for multiple days a lot when I travel (Sand Valley, Streaming, etc.) and 36 at Bandon in 30 mph winds is a completely different animal.
  8. I'm with you, 12 in six days would kill me and I adore that place. Most I've done is 8 in 5 days and that was probably 1 round too many, I was dragging the last 18 holes. The wind in the afternoons plus the hard turf is very draining for me.
  9. Wow, incredible bag. I don't recall seeing the waxed canvas in the pro shops, only the ballistic nylon which didn't look near as good. Trails is definitely the best looking, Pacific is pretty sharp as well.
  10. I'm going May 2022 (so far away), 4 days, 6 rounds plus preserve. Will be my 6th trip and third in May. I really wanted April next year based on this year's experience but I'm going with a group that has never been and they have Masters tickets and we couldn't make schedules work (first world problems).
  11. @Lefty_89 awesome stuff, hope you can get both your December and April trip in, I'm jealous, I only have 1 reservation email in my inbox Kidding aside, I was there this April and blown away by how great the weather was and the gorgeous gorse in full bloom. Thinking that the week after the Masters may be my new go to week for a PNW trip.
  12. @Lefty_89, I saw one of you previous posts that you had April 2022 planned, much better time to go if you still have that booked. I've played Chambers several times and it's awesome, a must play IMO, holes 14-17 are incredible and rival some of Bandon's best. I've included it in a west coast swing but I'd never drive it, getting through Joint Base Louis-McChord and Portland are a pain (I have a brother in Seattle and have made that drive, never again). My best advice is fly to Seattle in the AM, play that afternoon (the time difference helps people coming from the East), then stay at one of the airport hotels. Alaska has some early flights to Eugene which you can hop the next morning. I've done this and made an afternoon tee time at the resort with plenty of time for check in and dinner. It does add a small amount of cost, basically 1 small leg from SEA to EUG but I think it only cost me like $79. Well worth it to avoid that drive.
  13. I took a trip in June a few years ago and this is pretty much consistent with what I remember, was actually pretty chilly in the mornings but short sleeves by afternoon. As @2bGood stated, you can catch pretty much anything there. I was there in April this year (week after the masters) and had my best weather trip ever, nothing but sunshine and nearly 70 degree temps. But, I've also went in August expecting shorts weather and had low 60s and drizzle. Been said many times, pack for the worst and hope for the best.
  14. Not that it's all that significant from some of the others, but with the new Round Lake lodging coming, is Trails 1-6 a new short loop, especially if staying there? Seems like a fun way to finish a day.
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