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  1. Exactly this, I love the peace of mind that ship sticks offers, so easy. I do have a spare wedge that is similar to my main gamer and the practice I do prior to a Bandon trip is chipping off the tightest possible lies I can find
  2. it's a great lineup. My last two trips I scheduled similar lineups, no OM. Funny part, about two weeks before traveling I called and added OM back in, LOL.
  3. Just called and booked my May 2022 visit, y'all had me scared about availability. To my surprise, I was only on hold for about 15 min and the lodging and tee sheets were wide open, I got exactly what I wanted. As posted earlier, it looks like the robust competition for rooms and tee times is for those shoulder months where weather can be good and rates are reduced.
  4. When I was there in August, my takeout/delivery receipts all had "gratuity included" or something to that effect stamped on them. I was staying in the Inn.
  5. Trying to book 1 night in Bandon around my nights at the resort in May. The resort only had 2 nights available for my dates so I'm going to check out and stay in Bandon and try to get a final round in the next day before heading to Eugene. Both Bandon Inn and Inn at Old Town are unavailable..... anyone ever stay at La Kris Inn and can provide perspectives? Just looking for a clean place to crash for one night after a 36 hole day.
  6. Interesting, was wondering if new lodging was coming with Sheep Ranch opening. I for one welcome it, I don't know about everyone else but it was a bear making 2021 reservations, much tougher than years past. Accomodations do look a little out of place, spud is right, modern, almost like Streamsong like. I guess we'll see what the finished product looks like in due time.
  7. Had the exact same experience in August, South range completely full on the days I used it. My trip straddled the swap and North didn't seem as bad, I guess slightly more real estate. Past trips can't remember the practice center as busy as I saw it this time. There was actually two campers parked at the practice center with guys out on lawn chairs drinking beer near the first hole at Shorty's!!!! Seemed very odd to me but then again, it is 2020.
  8. +1 on this, I've done the drive from Chambers to Bandon and it is brutal, especially if you do round trip. Eugene is absolutely the way to go, extremely easy airport to get in and out of, rental cars right there, 20 minutes after deplane, you are southbound. My last Bandon trip, I think I was at the practice center about 3 hours after my flight landed.
  9. For what it's worth, I think you made the right call. The course cameras look terrible, here's a shot from yesterday, the views today look even worse.
  10. My 54 hole day was not planned, it just kind of happened and I'm glad it did. I had two rounds scheduled, Sheep Ranch at 7:50 followed by Bandon at 2:20. I was paired up on Sheep Ranch with a super great group, we played quick finishing just a little after noon. I went to the lodge to grab lunch at the Tufted Putin and while I was eating noticed that no groups had gone out in the hour that I sat there. I talked to the starter and he said it was wide open and that I could go out early as a single if I wanted, just check in with the pro shop and go. I probably hit my first shot a
  11. Forgot to answer your question about the favorite part of my trip. Without a doubt, the extra 9 I played at Bandon on day 1. The third round is free so it's totally worth going out even if you only get a few holes. Catching a sunset while playing the front 9 at Bandon was epic.
  12. Trip was great and not all that different from past trips despite the COVID situation. The resort has done a great job making the social distancing protocols very low impact. A few things are closed (biggest disappoinment was library lounge). I stayed in the Inn which is very similar to all of the on-site accommodations, clean and comfortable but nothing fancy. Food was solid, you wear a mask until seated then pretty much normal. Get the grilled cheese at Pacific for lunch at least one day. I played the following rotation: Day 1: Pacific, Trails + extra 9 at Bandon Da
  13. Just got back from a 3 day, six round trip. I played with a father son combo on one day at Sheep Ranch. The dad was an ex college golfer, hit it 280ish and very accurate. Son was equally good and slightly longer. It was a normal wind day, maybe 20ish mph. Dad played green and son played black, they shot 70 and 72 respectively. I got the sense that either one of them could have swapped tee boxes and would have had a great time with sufficient challenge and maybe scored a few strokes different either way, it was more about the putting. Point being, as a low handicap you will pro
  14. I've gone a few times as a single, my rule of thumb is to book at least 6 months out. As @Edaw68 said, issue is lodging availability, tee times has never been a problem for me as a single.
  15. Birdie-eagle-birdie to finish OM, very impressive, I love those three holes. It's usually the 10-12 (maybe 13) stretch on that course that keeps it from being my favorite.
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