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  1. Update my regular guy didn't seem to think it could have been caused by them. Had to ask him to take the grip off and inspect. I took a picture of a break that runs parallel to the shaft. Picture doesn't show all that much detail, buts it's right above the 2 chalk lines. Is it just a splinter or is it from a knife? Dunno. They're covering the install and the grip, which seems reasonable.
  2. Yeah, I was thinking it would be better if I kept the grip intact and let them remove it, but also I have clue how to remove a grip, have very little in the way of tools and am ridiculously unhandy. I'll report back.
  3. I put a set of 919 HM w/Modus 105 into play this season and love the feel/sound. My miss is on the toe and they flat-out perform. The only part of the sound I don't like is how the clubs rattle in a carry bag. Weird.
  4. Bought the driver used on eBay, hit maybe 60-80 balls, no problem. Had PGA SS install my preferred grip, take the club to range and hit maybe 15 balls and the thing snaps under the grip. It's regular flex and I have a moderate swing speed FWIW. It wasn't my regular guy there that did the install and the guy seemed to know what he was doing. Could the shaft break be related to the grip install? Should I just take it in and see what they say? Thanks!
  5. This really should be the impetus for learning to re-grip clubs, but I'm lazy and my guy at PGA Superstore does a great job with alignment. Would need a small, quiet air compressor since I live in a multi-unit building. I should be okay once I confirm the settings at the range. The current grip is an MCC +4. Have to see if I can control the 3/4 inch increase in shaft length (45 to 45.75). I go with the ribbed grip because I like how it puts my hands in the same position each time, but also because of my left eye dominance. Similar to less or no offset on a putter, the ribbed grip helps with alignment over the ball.
  6. I knew it. They're sticking it to me. I'm left-handed in all things except golf. Using ribbed grips is like being a lefty in a righty world all over again.
  7. I'm a bit behind the times on technology. Really love ribbed grips on my driver, woods and irons. Giving an adjustable driver another try. This time it's the M6. Looks like the TM adapter limits how a ribbed grip can be used. I could have sworn the Great Big Bertha Gravity core adapter I tried worked with a ribbed grip regardless of the adapter selection position. So what's the deal when it comes to ribbed grips and current Titleist, Ping Callaway, Srixon, etc. adjustable driver adapters?
  8. I always return to the Winn ProX 1.18. Hands just find their place.
  9. Your taste is nothing more than boring consumerism.
  10. This Sunday bag trend is the biggest scam perpetuated on the American public since One Hour Martinizing. Honestly, a bag of pork rinds is more useful.
  11. Just rolled it today while have my lie angles adjusted. It's phenomenal.
  12. I'ma go XZ4 5 iron, 6&7 XZ5, 8-AW XZ7
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