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  1. Heading out for a round. I will response to PM once I get back, I will response base on order received. Thanks for looking.
  2. Thank, don't collect anymore. Sold all my headcovers and racks to someone local last yr as well as number of putters too. Offer accepted as long as is reasonable everyone. Pls be nice and don't low ball,. Also not interest in any trades.
  3. Mod, sorry this is my first post in for sale, I did purchased for Pin Ad. not sure how to used it If you can help would be awesome.
  4. Putting some putters up for sale since they been sitting around and no longer collect them. Hope someone else can used or collect them. All shipment US will be signature required included with asking price. If asking is not reach, buyer will need to pay for shipping and I will send it signature required unless buyer choose to waive the need. However, with the type of putter, I would suggest for it. Sorry if some of the photos are upside down. They were right side up when I took them. I will do my best to response as soon as I can. If I don't I will go by honor system if multiple people as asking for the putter. 1) Scotty Cameron Button Back. NIB everything is sealed. This is Newport style, no sight line of course. I did not provide picture of headcover removed since is still in bag. I will not remove it for photo, hope you all understand. Sold 2) Scotty Cameron Del Mar Buttonback. NIB. This is US style which is 35 inches with Black leather headcover. $1800, lower to $1600 3) Scotty Cameron T22 Fastback 34". This one is used when I purchased it, have not been out since. I tried to take as close up picture as possible so you all can see the details. SOLD (Note, the prior person did have grip build out from normal, it does feel like a mid size) 4) Scotty Cameron T22 NP 35 inch. This one is NIB. Sold 5) Scotty Cameron T22 NP2 34 inch. This one is NIB Sold 6) Scotty Cameron NAPA RH 35 inch. This is new but is not seal in bag. It was on display a bit therefore, the grip and headcover does look a slight dirt. Just want to call it out. Head is perfect never been used or has the cover been outside. SOLD 7) Betti Signature 3 Limited run. I believe is 34 inch. Grip has mark since it was all store in putter box. I do have new grip that is included if you choose to display so it looks perfect $550 > $450 8.) Betti Fred Couples Protype B with COA. All information is on the COA photo. $950 > $850
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