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  1. Tensei Pro White 90 Ventus Blue/Black 9 Tour AD DI 95
  2. I posted a question in the SIM 2.0 thread and it got me thinking. What head weight does everyone play their 3 woods?
  3. If I were to order a SIM2 TI 3 wood at 3/4”-1” shorter than standard, is the consensus saying they would add weight back to the head to meet the stock SW? In years past this wasn’t the case, speaking from experience unfortunately.
  4. Anyone know if the SIM2 TI fairway wood uses the same weights as the SIM TI from last year?
  5. -Taylormade Spider S Chalk 35” -Used for 1 round and a couple practice sessions -$SOLD *Ideally I’d like to trade for a putter with some toe hang, mallet or blade. I’d even throw some cash in depending on the offer*
  6. Definitely looks like the new D Limited. He was using the older model 70g shaft last week at Torrey and this looks like the newer model in 60g?
  7. Open to offers and trades Shafts: I’ll consider just about anything other than more shafts, TP5s will do the trick 1. Bettinardi Studio Stock 8 ($SOLD) -Used sparingly, but does show a few spots on the sole. -1” extension professionally done (34” to 35” current) -GP Pro Only Blue Star grip 2. Tour AD BB 6x ($SOLD) -1/2” extension professionally done -Tipped 1” -Length shown in pics (43 3/4~) -GP MCC Plus 4 grip -G410 adapter 3. Aldila Tour Green 65x ($SOLD) -Tipped 1” -Won this in a contest years
  8. Stitch SL1 Bag ($150 - buyer pays shipping) - Used for a handful of rounds over the past couple of months - I tried to get a few “dirty” spots in the pictures - Rain cover included even though not pictured - We can discuss shipping options as I know that can be pricey; I’d be willing to cover 1/2 of those costs depending on sale price Bettinardi Studio Stock 8 Putter ($200 shipped) - Used for 8-10 rounds, but can hardly tell - PVD finish - 1” extension (purchased at 34” and extended to 35”) - Headcover shown in pic
  9. What are the launch comparisons between the 8 SIM2 and your 9 SIM? I played the 9 SIM all of last year so just curious what you were seeing.
  10. I'm unsure regarding availability, but it does show as an in-stock no upcharge option.
  11. - Hulk, untipped, 44.25” $225 shipped - Atmos, untipped, 44.5” $160 shipped OBO
  12. 1" driver 1.5" 3 wood 2" 5 wood Per Trottie's IG post from awhile back
  13. Purchased over the summer and used for a handful of rounds. Been in the storage bag the past few months though. -35” -Standard Loft/Lie - Gravity grip - Headcover - $325 shipped OBO No trades please
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