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  1. T20 wedges sold, price drop on the Ping stuff...really want to sell it all as a set, so let me know!
  2. I hit them today. To me they are very similar to the old x forged in shape and feel. I hit them on a mat which always sucks so really can’t say one way or another whether I liked them. Definitely not blown away by any means. Although I would guess grass would significantly improve things.
  3. Thanks - yeah kind of a unique combo. Great shaft though and I’m guessing somebody will take them off my hands!
  4. How are people liking the RDX? I liked the Tensei White but could go with something stouter/a little less hook prone.
  5. Hello all, Selling the following: 1. Ping G410 4-UW, Green Dot, +0.25 length, $-Taper Black X-Flex, Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 plus 1 wrap. Condition is 9/10. I would say these saw the course about 5 times and the range maybe 5 more. Close up pics are the 9 iron only, which is representative of the whole set. Price $475 shipped CONUS - Canada TBD extra. PRICE UPDATED to $435 shipped CONUS, Canada extra 2. Ping Glide 3.0 54 and 58 Wide Sole, 54 is White Dot, 58 is Green Dot, +0.25 length, $-Taper Black X-Flex, Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 plus
  6. Just FYI, Discountdans just indicated that the white TX is NOT available off menu. Hell I don't know. Probably have to just wait and see the new book when it comes out.
  7. Hmmmm...I had never heard of that before. I take it that means if Mitsubishi offers it, then Titleist can get it even if it's not in the custom options book?
  8. Do you know what weights they'll have in the TX? Hoping the 75 and 85...but guessing it's more likely the 65 and 75 or 65 only.
  9. Can anyone confirm what TX weights of the Tensei Raw White are available? I demoed with the X last night and hit it well, but just cannot bring myself as a WRX member in good standing to purchase the X and not the TX.
  10. Had the chance to demo the drivers tonight. Wow....really really good. The TSI3 especially. The look and sound was fantastic, and I found them to be long and spin right in the right neighborhood (2000 to 2600 at 120 mph club speed). Man that is going to make for some tough decisions.
  11. By the way, I disagree that these are a step back in the looks department. I think they look great.
  12. Are the project X LS an option? The article says IO for everything, but then the in-hand pictures show the LS in the MB. The Callaway website doesn't say anything about the LS that I'm seeing.
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