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  1. I'm 40 and play intramural soccer, water polo and basketball. Why? Because competition is way more fun than practice, and if we stop competing, it's like dying inside. They're still able to play competitive golf on fantastic courses in pristine condition in front of fans. Why not play?
  2. I don't agree. Good iron play and phenomenal scrambling are, to me, what this highlights. There's more than one way to skin a cat. Phil's may cause an elevated blood pressure for most, but it's always been his style.
  3. Thanks for your insight Joel!
  4. Anyone have direct experience with both of these shafts? I have zero chance of a fitting over the next 6 months or more, so any personal, empirical, or anecdotal comparisons would be welcomed. Mainly looking for launch/spin, and feel between these two shafts.
  5. Awesome! Thanks DRHero! If anyone else has even anecdotal input, please share.
  6. It seems the MMT shafts get plenty of reviews, but I've not heard much regarding their more expensive sibling, the OT-i shafts. Does anyone have direct experience with both, and can anyone shed light on the major differences between the two?
  7. I'm intrigued by the New Level irons, particularly the 902 models. I have no way of testing them for at least another 6 months, so I'm relying on the forum to compare them to the Srixon Z785's, which I was on the cusp of ordering (actually planning on a combo set 585/785, but understand the 902's probably don't compare much to the 585). As far as launch window, distance, and forgiveness goes, can anyone having experience with the 902's relate the two clubs, or give a comparable set of irons from the major OEM's? I hate ordering without a fitting, and especially ordering blind, but there's z
  8. As the title suggests, I'm hoping to find a comparison between the TW edition wedges grinds versus the SM8 D and M grinds. They look fairly similar, but if anyone has a direct comparison, I would really appreciate it!
  9. No. Nobody in the world lays up so that their next play is a 40-yard bunker shot. The pulled their tee shots. You can say they didn't hit the shot they wanted under pressure, but anything else is asinine, and I suspect you know that.
  10. @hidrives , what island did you live on?
  11. The world, and people in general, are for the most part incredibly good. Cynicism is easy to possess and sell, but I've never in my life played golf with someone who would keep a club they found without exhausting all options to find the owner. It's the 90/10 rule.
  12. It has to start somewhere. They played the long game, and this is how we start to do the same.
  13. I'm going to assume he's innocent until proven guilty. For some reason, I thought that was kind of important. Must just be my imagination, as nothing bad has ever happened with presumed guilt in the history of humankind.
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