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  1. How could I possibly know how many tour players are on here? I don't know how many 4 or betters. Why does either number matter? Yet again, I have never said that a 4 could even remotely sniff Lydia on a course. Never said that. You're attributing that to me out of emotion, not reality. I also never said that only a PGA tour member could beat Lydia, so that is arbitrary and emotionally driven on your part. I said world-class golfers at the pro and am level could beat her, many of whom are members of this site. Obviously your several acquaintances are not world-class. And the
  2. When does any topic on here ever stay static? Further, I never said anything remotely close to "a 4 could beat Lydia Ko". Quite the opposite. I originally made a simple and accurate post that countered hyperbole masked as truth. Your sanctimonious tone is unfounded, and you erroneously attribute concepts to me that I wholeheartedly disagree with while simultaneously talking down at me. I don't get your angle.
  3. No chance in hell a 4 would touch Lydia, ever. Or any player making money on any tour anywhere in the world for that matter! She is incredibly good.
  4. I did not start this. I responded to an uneducated post that no one on this site could beat Lydia straight up. I didn't talk about 13 year olds being better. In fact I said it was just as anecdotal to say some 13 year old somewhere went crazy low one weekend. Why are you attributing things to me that I didn't type? There are numerous people on this site that would beat Lydia Ko, straight up, the majority of the time. Plenty of very high level golfers are members here. WTF is so hard to understand about that?
  5. Yes, routinely. The difference between the PGA tour and LPGA tour is substantial. There's not just 150 dudes out there that are worlds apart from all the other competitive males pros and ams. Additionally, she doesn't "routinely" go -28 through 4. Once again, phenomenal golfer. Don't understand why it's so hard to accept that she's not the top pro in the world.
  6. On any given day? Way more than you seem to think.
  7. You keep on doubling/tripling down on anecdotes. That's no different than me saying "how many times has Lydia shot 59 on a 7100 yard course, because junior golfer xxxxxxxx did it last week". World class amateurs are better than she is. I would bet hundreds on this site, maybe thousands, would routinely beat her in straight up competition. That's not a knock on her exceptional abilities. It's just an objective observation. Seriously, try to get a game with a high level male golfer sometime. It will be eye-opening, and you'll realize you play a completely different
  8. You need to play with better golfers, and understand that the courses they play at are never 6400, wide open, with extremely firm fairways. Lydia is a phenomenal golfer, and anyone who disagrees is disagreeing with quantifiable data. That does not maker her better than world-class or near world-class male golfers.
  9. I get your point, but there are far more accomplished golfers on here than you probably are aware of. The ones who are would not need to anonymously post about how they're better than Lydia Ko, though!
  10. I thought maybe I completely misunderstand basic ball flight laws because MilesGiles was so cool and dismissive with his youthful "just...no" original response.
  11. If he's hitting a pull hook already, the clubface is already left of swing path and possibly left of target. Shifting path right even more would be a recipe for more pronounced curvature. What am I missing?
  12. Please, Miles, explain how swinging more to the right would not result in a bigger hook.
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