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  1. I ordered size small. 5'8", 155, 30 inch inseam. I'm happy with the quality of all the clothes I purchased for the price, just wanted the ankles to be smaller and wish they offered the joggers a few inches shorter.
  2. I bought both the fleece and commuter joggers, and they both fit this way.
  3. I have a pair and can't stand the ankle on them. They are very loose, to the point of no longer being what I consider a jogger. They are more similar to slim pants at the ankle. Great material though, and very warm.
  4. I appreciate your hopefulness, but there are a couple issues. 1. An actual Surgeon on this very thread has commented on Tiger's specific injuries and the difficulties they carry. It's not a simple one year and I'm good to go. Not at all. It is a nasty road ahead. 2. Tiger's body is seriously broken. Not just a bit. Hell, even back in 2011 he was in really rough shape. He does not have a body that has been well taken care of, regardless of good intentions. Is he in good muscular shape? Sure. The amount of surgeries he has had over the years is astounding though. Ever see a retired football player move around? Retired grunt? They are destroyed, and Tiger has had more surgeries than most retired athletes and pretty much all Soldiers/Marines. I'm as big a fan of Tiger as anyone out there. Man-crush or whatever, I know that he doesn't walk back to the tee after a simple year of recovery.
  5. It absolutely does not take 2 people to have a fight in the manner you're alluding to. Not at all. Why are you making so many assumptions about people on here and in the story? Why are you making blanket statements about people who carry? Why does that bother you so much that you find it necessary to sling offhand insults? Also, anybody worth a damn who carries would never brandish because of an airhorn. It's to prevent probable harm, not to impress or intimidate others.
  6. Nevermind. I just find it funny that you mock others about being a "tough guy", then immediately say that if someone pulls a gun on you, they better pull the trigger (much like a "tough guy" would say). It really doesn't work that way in real life. Having a gun pulled on you in close proximity is absolutely terrifying.
  7. What does it matter if the company has positive earnings? They employ a lot of people. Should they just break even? They design, build, and sell objects people want, they deserve to turn a profit. It's taking advantage of an unmistakeable error/hack. It may not make them a bad person if they merely made the order, but it starts to point that way when they say "Don't call the company (so they can keep themselves from losing serious money)"
  8. Stinger, The issue is no one here has any idea what you are doing. Without seeing it, it's literally a guess as to what you need to be doing better and the feels and intents that could go along with that. If you don't want to post a swing, so be it. But to hope that a myriad of random dudes throwing out random feels will somehow help, rather than hurt, is unwise at best and masochistic in practice.
  9. The club grip/handle is still in front of the shoulders when viewed from above. The shoulders have turned ~90* from address, so the club naturally has come in from the target line. There are many 3D resources out there that demonstrate this far better than a 1000 words, though. I would recommend looking up GEARS demonstrations. Lots of good info is available on youtube. AMG for starters
  10. For all the people saying millions of dollars means you don't deserve to be depressed, I'd say you should stick to your not-so-well paying day job rather than play psychologist. I've started off with very little, had money, lost it, and had it again. At no time did my net worth correlate with my happiness. The only thing money does is take away the stress of not atarving to death. Once that need is met the rest of the building blocks towards being truly content are independent of wealth.
  11. How could I possibly know how many tour players are on here? I don't know how many 4 or betters. Why does either number matter? Yet again, I have never said that a 4 could even remotely sniff Lydia on a course. Never said that. You're attributing that to me out of emotion, not reality. I also never said that only a PGA tour member could beat Lydia, so that is arbitrary and emotionally driven on your part. I said world-class golfers at the pro and am level could beat her, many of whom are members of this site. Obviously your several acquaintances are not world-class. And their inability to make it on th KF tour has no bearing on their ability to beat a non-KF tour player. Once again a poster on this thread is arguing a made up battle solely with anecdotes. What's the point?
  12. When does any topic on here ever stay static? Further, I never said anything remotely close to "a 4 could beat Lydia Ko". Quite the opposite. I originally made a simple and accurate post that countered hyperbole masked as truth. Your sanctimonious tone is unfounded, and you erroneously attribute concepts to me that I wholeheartedly disagree with while simultaneously talking down at me. I don't get your angle.
  13. No chance in hell a 4 would touch Lydia, ever. Or any player making money on any tour anywhere in the world for that matter! She is incredibly good.
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