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  1. Fujikura TR 757 (X) with TM Adapter & Srixon 745 Irons 4-PW with KBS Tour Stiff Plus Fujikura Speeder TR 757. Extra stiff flex. Fairway shaft will play standard length in a 3 wood. It is x-flex (extra stiff) and measures 42.5 inches and will play 43 inches in any TaylorMade head. Grip is fairly new and in good shape. More information about the shaft: https://fujikuragolf.com/woods/speeder-tr Asking $100 obro Also, up for sale is a set of Srixon 745 Irons. The set is 4 iron through pitching wedge. 5-PW are shafted with KBS Tour Stiff + shafts. 4 iron is shafted with KBS Tour Stiff, not stiff +. Irons have wear that is typical and not too bad for a set that is this age and forged irons. The most significant and noteworthy aspect as far as condition goes is the face of the 9 iron which appears to have been the unfortunate recipient of a rock in a bunker. I did not notice any performance issue. Every iron is shafted with red Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT grips with the exception of the PW which is shafted with Golf Pride Tour Velvet (non-BCT). Grips are pretty worn and could stand to be replaced but they have some life left. Each iron has pictures of the face, sole, and badge with a post-it note signifying which iron is being pictured. Asking $300
  2. Up for sale is a set of Srixon 745 Irons. The set is 4 iron through pitching wedge. I am not the original owner. I wanted to try them in comparison to the 785s/585s but probably going to stick with one of those as I thin the herd of Srixon irons to be less of an insane person. Each iron has pictures of the face, sole, and badge with a post-it note signifying which iron is being pictured. Message me with any questions. Asking $383 OBRO shipped, includes Paypal/shipping fees. Not really looking for any trades except maybe a blade putter or something similar (i.e. Byron Morgan, x5 etc...would add cash depending on the putter).
  3. Hi, Used but in excellent condition Srixon Z785 iron set with X100 X-stiff shafts that have been pured 5 thru PW. Standard length. Standard Loft. 1 degree upright. PW shows the most wear but nothing overly noteworthy. Bag chatter typical of forged irons and in very good shape. Grips are Gripmaster genuine leather grips in good shape with a good amount of life left. Message me with any questions. Asking $489. Open to trades for Z585 or zx5 (open to throwing in $ obviously) with similar shafts. Shipping/Paypal included in price. Item is not sold until I receive payment. (If I do not respond to your message, it is because I am tired and old but I will get back to you ASAP in the AM)
  4. Hi, I do not have the spec sticker but as per original owner, actual loft is 8.1, .9 open, 243 CT. Head has a "+" symbol. I get along better with the SIM2 Max. A few dumb marks on it from an alignment aid/not using a headcover for a round with a caddy. I am hyperaware of flaws/imperfections and these did not bother or distract me at address. Shaft is Fujikura Speeder 661 TR graphite Driver Shaft / TX-FLX, 68g, 43.5" from tip to grip. Awesome shaft! Older TM headcover included. I do not have a wrench. Asking $690 shipped. PM with any questions.
  5. Thanks for all of the replies. I decided just to have the adapter removed and go from there.
  6. I just tried and it did not move back. It is odd in that it is not very loose. I think I am going to have someone remove the adapter and either put it in a SIM Max 3 wood where it can go straight in or put a different adapter on it or just sell it. Uyyyyyyyyyyyy
  7. uyyyyyyyyyyyy, thanks for letting me know
  8. thanks for the insight, much appreciated!
  9. Hi, random question... I was hitting my TM 3 wood with a Graphite Design AD-BB shaft and noticed part of the ferrule was loose. I have not had this issue with any past shafts with TM adapters so I was hoping someone could let me know what a fix for this is or if I need to do anything to make sure the shaft does not get damaged. Thanks!
  10. One item: 40 inch Odyssey 2-ball armlock putter. All stock. Used five rounds. Only wear is to the grip from being in the bag. Putter is in great shape. Original headcover included that I did not use as I have a different mallet one. $255 shipped USPS priority. Open to trades for putters or possibly other items.
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