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  1. I was about to say the same thing when I read this lol
  2. Welcome! I can't speak to your question but I'm sure your answer will follow shortly from others here!
  3. Not Mavrik, but I did go from EF to super hybrids. I did not expect to replace my EF woods for a long time but the super hybrids clearly fit my swing better.
  4. 47-51-54-58-64 is perfect for me.
  5. I have pulled the trigger on this and I blame you! Lol Get’s here Friday; I have no reason to buy this yet here we are lol
  6. I've been watching this thread, and because of YOU, I was forced to buy an Epic Forged 4 iron lol I haven't played it yet; just into the 'ol net. It is really easy to hit and feels great! Can't wait to get out there later today and play it.
  7. I did this with EF SZ, but the 3w is waaay to close to driver distance. That said, I do love it! I grabbed a heavenwood on a whim as well and it covers just about anything I'd need by itself. This is the first time I've ever had a matching set of woods.
  8. I have a Callaway Epic Flash Heavenwood that I can hit almost any shot you'd want except narley rough. Off the tee it goes a mile too. Never pictured having one of these but it is pretty versatile and FOR ME was a better option than a hybrid.
  9. Original TM 300. Whoopsie!!
  10. I used to use TM TP 14* and 19* instead of FWs on short courses. Worked out ok, but I really prefer fairway woods now by far.
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