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  1. I was about to say the same thing when I read this lol
  2. Welcome! I can't speak to your question but I'm sure your answer will follow shortly from others here!
  3. Not Mavrik, but I did go from EF to super hybrids. I did not expect to replace my EF woods for a long time but the super hybrids clearly fit my swing better.
  4. 47-51-54-58-64 is perfect for me.
  5. I have pulled the trigger on this and I blame you! Lol Get’s here Friday; I have no reason to buy this yet here we are lol
  6. I've been watching this thread, and because of YOU, I was forced to buy an Epic Forged 4 iron lol I haven't played it yet; just into the 'ol net. It is really easy to hit and feels great! Can't wait to get out there later today and play it.
  7. I did this with EF SZ, but the 3w is waaay to close to driver distance. That said, I do love it! I grabbed a heavenwood on a whim as well and it covers just about anything I'd need by itself. This is the first time I've ever had a matching set of woods.
  8. I have a Callaway Epic Flash Heavenwood that I can hit almost any shot you'd want except narley rough. Off the tee it goes a mile too. Never pictured having one of these but it is pretty versatile and FOR ME was a better option than a hybrid.
  9. Original TM 300. Whoopsie!!
  10. I used to use TM TP 14* and 19* instead of FWs on short courses. Worked out ok, but I really prefer fairway woods now by far.
  11. I've had mine for 14 years or something; will never change it out. Worth the extra $$
  12. Used to always have hybrids but just dusted off the 5w and I like it better.
  13. US kids are good. As another alternative, Wishon's kids clubs are great and have last through two of my kiddo's banging away.
  14. Original Mizuno FliHi 21*...worst club of all time
  15. You're helping the economy...yeah that's it!
  16. [quote name='fr0sty' timestamp='1422600292' post='10847057'] Titleist 905R is still one of the best performing drivers out there. [/quote] +1,,,I should have moved on by now but the old guy still has fight in him!
  17. First off, you'll do great. A lot of folks get worried about fittings; remember s/he's a pro and they are there to help you. They are on your side and REALLY want you to hit good shots! That said, a good fitting requires your honest feedback as well. If a club looks/feels bad, tell your fitter and s/he'll fix it...no big deal. A good fitter will ask you questions about how you play the game, how often, and look a bit into the future about how good you'd like to become. If you answer honestly you will be well taken care of. Good luck!
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