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  1. What is the easiest to hit Hybrid? Thanks.
  2. What is the easiest to hit hybrid with a slight draw bias? Thanks.
  3. Hi all......I'm looking for a custom leather head cover for Phantom X 5.5 Thanks.
  4. Where is the 2021 ball test results?
  5. Should wedge shafts be heavier than my irons?
  6. I actually hit my longest iron (a 5) the best?
  7. Hi guys....I'm a picker sweeper of the ball with a 10.2 index. I hit a lot of thin shots and very occasionally a worm burner, I'm consistent! Without taking lessons/changing my swing, etc. will adding a 1/2" to my irons "help" me get down to the ball with everything else the same? Thanks.
  8. Hi all....doe's anyone have numbers on low vs. high compression driver distance with a 90MPH swing? Thanks.
  9. Thanks I play the Q Star Tour and wondered if there would be any distance or spin differences?
  10. Thanks in advance for your thoughts/experiences.
  11. What have you found with spin, distance, wind, etc.
  12. Hi guys....any numbers or experiences? Thanks.
  13. With all things being equal and a 90 MPH swing which of these has the lowest spin TM M3, M4, Callaway Rogue, Callaway Epic? Thanks.
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