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  1. There was actually a 6 buck coupon & I got them for only 22.50! Yes it was 1 at a time. It was so hard to hit continue shopping after each one and buy them again and again and again. I bought 14 dozen all at 22.50. I checked back this am and the jacked them back up to 38.50. Maybe they caught me!
  2. Amazon has them 28.50 now with free ship with prime
  3. [quote name='golfdad907' timestamp='1377571417' post='7750745'] Always on sale, paid less than 28 a dz a while back on the Bay, just have to shop and be willing to buy in qty. [/quote] I know there are lots of fake clubs on the bay, but have you heard of fake golf balls? I've stayed away from the bay for a couple of years now, but am curious to the answer.
  4. I'll start off that I'm a titleist fanboy. Everything I play is titleist except my 3wd. I bought a sleeve of lethals from my local shop because of the reviews on here. This ball is legit and really scored well with it. My question is I know they aren't moving in the stores AT ALL & TMAG usually puts balls on sale before now. Are they going to give Lethal another year or move these out with a promotion. I for one am hoping for a promotion, because I will load the crap up on them.
  5. Thanks for all the responses, but I think I have another problem. I have a ss Newport and I just compared the shafts, the golo belly shaft is significantly fatter. The grip on the belly is fat of course, but I guess I never noticed it was due to the shaft. What do I do about a grip if I cut it down? I would want a standard grip size if I chop it.
  6. Ok, so I bought a SC golo belly last year, and while I really like using the belly putter, I don't see any reason to delay the inevitable. Now, trading it in I would take a bath on the putter, so my question is this. Can the shaft just be cut and the shaft be bent? Will that throw everything off? Is the golo belly head heavier than just the golo? Your input would be appreciated. Has anyone converted their belly putter to a conventional length?
  7. [quote name='broth518' timestamp='1334951074' post='4759378'] isn't it a kombi painted black? [/quote] Ummmm, no. Pretty sure they didn't make a center shafted kombi belly putter. Also the new line is deep milled and the kombi wasn't that either. Kombi also came in aluminum & steel, and I'm not sure which the big sur is. But thanks for answering my question.
  8. I have been wanting a big sur s since I saw the first leaked pictures, but I was really disappointed to see it's only available in a broomstick. I thought I could just cut the shaft down to a belly, but the lie is WAY off and the website says it can only be bent 2 degrees. Do you guys think I could get one bent enough to make it a belly, or do I just give up?
  9. I've been carrying a 13.5 strong three wood & a 17* 4 wood with a smaller head for off the deck for a couple years now. But the new tour RBZ fairways go, 13, 14.5 then all the way to 19. Was wondering if the 16.5 hybrid that's "supposed to be a as long as a fairway" would fit my gap. Has anyone hit the 16.5 and have distance reports? Is the shaft longer than a normal 2 hybrid since it's from taylormade ?
  10. Thanks moderator for moving this, oh wait, pretty sure it was a pre-release question. So it was already in the right place.
  11. I saw they put up pics yesterday of the go lo & other new offerings. BUT I've been waiting for the new long putter that looks like the kombi in black & I thought it was going to be called big sur. So does anyone know if he's still going to offer that putter, or is the go lo the only mallet? And if it's still being released, is it not in April like the others?
  12. Burner 420 I think if was called, hated that thing. Kid stole it from me in college, I found him, then told him he could have it, thought that was the worst thing I could do to him.
  13. I am NOT a callaway guy, but these woods and driver are the best looking releases in 2012. I will not be gaming them, but I am impressed, coming from a titleist snob.
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