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  1. The few times Michael Greller was on camera he looked pretty pissed. I didn't see a smile on his face at any point. Tough life I guess when your player fails to make the cut but he's got to be pretty flush with cash from previous wins.
  2. I've been a SC user since 2008. 2.5, 5, SGX and recently sold my LinxGT Game Tracker with tags. Used to play 50+ rounds per year. Bought the LinxGT in Jun 2017 and only played 23 rounds since. Decided all the stat tracking just isn't my thing anymore. I'm undecided on buying the SX500. I know there are loyalty discounts etc, but with my Note 8 phone the resolution of the Skycaddie Mobile app looks to be every bit as good and it's $19.95 per year vs. cost of SX500 and subscription. So if you've been a fan of SC like me, tell me why I should make the move. Thanks, Mike
  3. Favorite: USA Stars & Stripes I want to win: USA Stars & Stripes Driver cover Thanks for the chance
  4. Thanks for the heads up! Don't see them offered at the discount anywhere now. Went to Academy in Rockwall yesterday and when the cashier rung up 2 dozen Q-Star Tour balls the total was about $43 with tax. I told her their own website had them for $15 each after discount on 2 dozen and even showed it to her on my phone. 3 clerks and 1 manager later they were sticking to the $20 each. So I ended the debate and ordered from my phone with free shipping total $31.85. Had the wife do the same and will have 4 dozen in about a week. I've never tried the "Q" versions but have the Z & XV and
  5. +1 I recorded the first 2 and just now getting around to watching. Between skipping commercials and all the boring commentary it takes about 5 minutes to find the hosel rockets. Best part of the show IMO :russian_roulette:
  6. That was hard to watch right after dinner :bad: . Such a good guy, and hope he can tee it up tomorrow.
  7. They have a 30 day return with free shipping. After 30 and up to 90 you pay shipping. I have 18 pairs going all the way back to the first Trues. The last model I bought were the Gent Wingtips. I wear a 9.5 in all but the Protos (my favorite) and a 9 in those. Customer service has always been very helpful on the phone.
  8. Don't they all do that? And always before they step on the green?
  9. 10 Logo shirts. 9 are short sleeve, 1 long. All size XL. Only the Mizuno red polo has been worn one time to work. The rest have never been worn. The only possible trades I would consider are brand new Pro V's, Srixon Z-Star or Wilson Duo golf balls. for all 10 shipped to the lower 48. Outside that PM for rate. Thanks, Mike 1 NIKE DRI - FIT Red 1 Callaway X Series White - Full disclosure, this one has what looks like a small mark on the right sleeve(pictured), hardly noticeable but I haven't tried to wash it out. 2 Mizuno DryLite - White 2 Mizuno DryLite - Navy 2 CORE 365 - Black 1
  10. Thanks for the update. Will be watching for Fathers Day specials.
  11. How do you like going from the SGX to this? I've been with Skycaddie since the 2.5 and have had the SGX since it came out. - Does leaving your phone in the cart work ok? Don't want to keep it in my pocket. - Do the tags stay in the grips? I had Game Golf and those tags with my PURE grips didn't always stay in, especially on mishits. What I did was take those glue dots and put them on the end of each grip then push the tags in. Worked okay but seemed like I got distracted wondering if a tag was going to pop out. Probably look for a few more reviews before I pull the trigger. Hoping PGA
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