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  1. I do not know the release dates of Honma at all. Was interested in purchasing some Tr20v's but was wondering if anyone knew if there was Tr21v around the corner?
  2. Good to know! I believe I'll order the 4 and 5 in the ZX5 and 6-pW in the ZX7.
  3. Titleist, Callaway, srixon, cobra, and bettinardi
  4. Thanks for the advice I think trim the bottom of the shaft.
  5. I made the mistake of buying a putter shaft before my putter had arrived. I bought a .355 KBS CT Putter shaft but going to need .370. I wasn't really wanting to exchange it. Any ideas for shims or other tricks you guys have used would be appreciated.
  6. I am hoping a new iblade is being released as well.
  7. Had to be the Taylormade Burner TP for me. That thing was a monster.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I have not purchased one yet but going to. I understand your feelings on using the cellphone!
  9. I was thinking about purchasing the Garmin Approach G8 handheld Gps. Does anyone know if Garmin is going to update this handheld model soon? If not would recommend any others? I've looked at some of the handheld GPS like SkyCaddie but the yearly fee is kinda pushing me away, but not a deal breaker.
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