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  1. Looking to sell a set of JPX 919 forged irons that I picked up from my manager when he moved to the JPX 921 line. Set makeup is 5-GW. They were ordered at standard L/L/L and have recently been regripped with SuperStroke Traxion grips. Irons are in fantastic shape and were only played for one season. Looking for $600 shipped. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Toulon sold. Feel free to make an offer on the Tensei Orange and SeeMore if interested.
  3. GPS watch sold. Price drops on the putters. I wouldn’t mind keeping the tensei orange so really don’t want to discount it any further.
  4. It looks like we’re going to be moving for the second time this year, so I’m going ahead and reducing some of my excess inventory while we prepare to pack. All prices are OBO via PayPal and include shipping (likely through UPS, as I don’t feel great about USPS after a recent experience) but that is up for discussion. Message me with any questions. I’m typically quick to respond. Summary: Toulon Memphis: 35” w/ a Golf Pride Tour Snsr 140cc Grip and Stock Headcover — $200 $175 SeeMore Big FGP: 36” w/ a Super Stroke XL 2.0 Grip and Stock Head
  5. Price drop on planemate - would like to sell it today so I can ship tomorrow.
  6. ER2 sold, meaning the only box I have is spoken for. I will be on the lookout for another one. Planemate still remaining.
  7. Hoping to find a new home for a couple of items. A small caveat on the putters: I’m listing two but only have one box - the first to purchase will get the chosen putter and I will attempt to sell the other locally unless I can source a box somewhere. There are 3 putters pictured in the group photo - please ignore the SeeMore. All prices shipped and should go out Monday.SUMMARY:Tour Striker Planemate - $130Evnroll ER5 Hatchback Black - $225Evnroll ER2 - $200 First is a gently used Planemate. I purchased it from a fellow GolfWRX member with intentions of utilizing it, but we moved shortly therea
  8. Man, navigation on the mobile site is not so great for me. Whoops!
  9. > @Mwils29 said: > Will you split up the 6 dozen? I’d definitely consider splitting it 3 and 3 if that would work for you. Just let me know if so.
  10. First listing that I’ve attempted since the transition to the new forum so hopefully this works. I have perfect feedback on the prior system as well as eBay, so give me a shout if you have any questions. All prices include shipping inside the continental U.S. ~~1. 6 dozen Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track - $200~~ **BALLS SOLD** After the birth of my second child 3 months ago and the realization that my golf ball hoard far outnumbers the amount of golf I’m actually playing, I’ve decided to move the newest of the stash. 2. Project X Even Flow White 75 6.5 - $100 Purchased this a
  11. Hoping for a quick sale to fund a potential putter fitting. I keep buying putters but still suck at putting... something has to give! Bought this G400 LST to test against my Rogue SZ but honestly haven’t given it much of a shot. Shaft is the Rogue 125 Tour Stiff and it plays right at 45” - bought it preowned so unsure of any potential tipping. Comes with headcover. There are a couple of small marks out on the toe that appear to have been sharpied - I didn’t notice until taking pictures and they aren’t noticeable at address. Hoping for $250 shipped. I’m traveling for work tomorrow and We
  12. Newport sold. Only the wedges remaining. I'd love to close this today, so please make an offer!
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