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  1. *Concast is a joke* I agree their fees are greedy for the “service” they offer. What exact VALUE do they provide. Are we too lazy as people to look on a maps application and find a golf course and go to their website/call-them? WTF. It is the laziness of the consumerism spoon-fed world that we inhabit. Every course has disdain for golfnow, but when you have a gun to your head as an owner with the potential to lose significant business because the “masses” use golfnow because they saw it on the TV and it is “easy”. Man sometimes I wonder how far gone we really are...
  2. ya helps when this course was his backyard, he was quite good which as a young lad I was excited to play well.
  3. Bump, thought i’d add in since it has been a decade that Jonas had just purchased a mini-mansion that was on springdale, which I honestly thought was a fun 9 hole track, anyway to discuss that I may have cursed his career is weird, yet possible, all I remember was hitting my new 3w on #8 and hitting the green 2putt birdie (downhill 275-80) yard par 4 ob right. Par on nine which is a 450 yard par 4 (quite an array of holes for this 9 hole track). Coincidence? Idk
  4. Black Lake in Onaway. Worth the drive, playing it tomorrow in fact! Great layout, always manicured.
  5. > @ebrasmus21 said: > Max Homa, Barn Rat, Luke List, Nick Watney Nick Watney ftw. Sleeper at 44th all time money winner. Glad he's back to form after taking that time off for his back.
  6. In, thanks for the giveaway. Would love a new Mitsubishi shaft to replace my 2013 kuro kage proto.
  7. For Sale is an 8/10 condition Ping G30 LST 9* Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 60X Proto TiNi 2013 with Red Iomic Sticky 2.3 with three extra wraps of tape. Playing at 44.5 inches this is a low spin fairway finder. Wanting to pass it on to a new owner who will appreciate it as I'm falling in love with my new Epic Flash Subzero I received for my birthday. As you can see in the pictures there is one knick towards on the top that is unnoticeable at address. Other than that club has a lot of spring left in the face was well taken care of always having headcover on. The original headcover will be shipped with
  8. Where are you located (City, State -- U.S. Only Please)? Troy, MI How many rounds of golf do you play monthly? 1-10 What’s your golf apparel brand of choice? Why? Footjoy for Wind/Rain gear How do you hear about new golf apparel products (Tour players, social media, TV/print/digital ads, etc.)? WRX What outerwear features do you prioritize (comfort, fit, material, price, style, etc.) material, comfort What do you wish you could find in an outerwear piece but haven’t yet? warm, unrestricted movement with comfortable fabric What is the average temperature while you are golfing in your area? I p
  9. Signed up for newsletter and this device will allow me to chart out real world numbers and even out gaps with every club and is so portable to bring for every shot on the course. Thanks a lot!
  10. Won’t give up my redwood d66 until this maybe this either!
  11. Hoofer 2 easily best bag would love to find another mint one best straps and stand and the best pocket design
  12. Current bag has ping g30 lst 9 degree with Kuro Kage proto tini 60x which is the head would be installing MAD Into. Current handicap 2.7 city Troy Michigan United States swing speed 109mph shaft mad pro 6x ping adapter iomic sticky 2.3 total driver length 44.75inches I will compare numbers via trackman to see how dispersion and spin compare MAD to kuro thanks!
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