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  1. 1) . Scotty Cameron California Coronado putter. Plays to 34â€. Very good condition. New Super Stroke Slim 3.0 grip. No head cover. $SOLD 2) . Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 340g. Plays to 34â€. Very good good condition. Tacki Mac Putter grip. No head cover. $SOLD 3). Taylor Made Black Spider Tour (DJ's Putter). This putter is MINT as seen in the pics. Played only a few rounds and is stock. 34". I am actually looking to trade this one for a equally conditioned Red Spider Tour (Jason Day) 34". $TRADED 4). Fours shafts: Ping Tour Driver Shaft 65 stiff with Ping
  2. Went to Bandon recently with a brand new carbon putter. Like in Bandon fashion, got rain on our first round. I had siliconed sprayed my putter before we went, but the putter started rusting within the round. I didn't even get through the round!!!! I wiped it dry after the first round (played 36), but it continue to rust on our second 18. Guess my headcover was still wet. I knew carbon would rust, but not that quickly. Now the question is, do I get it refinished or let it be?
  3. Is it true that GG is still honoring the 50% trade in for the month of April?
  4. Even though I'm fairly consistent with my strike. There's enough variability on a daily basis that skews my recs. That's my beef with fittings, there's not enough data points that give a clear rec. Having said that, it's probably because I'm splitting hairs in which all 3 prob perform similar enough that there's not a huge difference. They all feel good but like I said, occasionally can have a tough time getting through with the Rogue. I liked the Hzdrus, but might be a bit light and didn't get to try the 65g. Funny... I did get fitted for the Rogue on the 3wood. No problems getting throug
  5. So I have been to 2.5 epic fittings ( one indoor with TM, one outdoor with TM, and one at GG just hitting one shaft which the guy said you can't do better than that) and every time I get a different shaft recommendation though 2 of 3x, I was recommended the SZ head. I'm a decent ball striker and hit middle often. Index 8. AOA + 2-4 degrees. SS 100-105 with a quick transition. Average launch angle 12-14 and spins 2000-2800 depending on strike. First fitting recommended the Hzrdrus and to be honest didn't hit great. Second was the Rogue which I took about 10 swings in a GG bay. Lastly was
  6. Nittany

    Byron Putters

    That BOS finish in aquamarine is really nice!
  7. Nittany

    Byron Putters

    I appreciate all the feedback. I am coming to terms with it. Probably should of done a bit more research before I picked the blue oil, though I am not disgusted by the finish. Nonetheless, the putter is awesome and feels really nice. I have a 2 Scotties Studio Selects and the weight and feel is better on the Byron. Besides...we all get Byrons because it's a bit uniqueness and customization.
  8. Nittany

    Byron Putters

    I initially thought the same, but stuck a magnetic on it and it stuck on it pretty good. Doesn't it mean it's carbon???
  9. Nittany

    Byron Putters

    I recently broke down and finally ordered a Byron Morgan DH89 carbon finished in brushed blue oil. It took awhile, but finally arrived the other day. When I opened the package I was a bit perplexed. I thought I had ordered a brushed blue oil finish, but this putter look nothing like the pictures on his website or pictures of putter here on the forum with a blue oil finish. The putter looked brownish bronze with no blue to speak of. So I called Byron and asked if he might of mistakenly sent the wrong putter or did the wrong finish. He said it's definitely brushed blue oil on carbon an the
  10. That's a great deal because those promotions usually exclude new equipment from Callaway and other major brands.
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