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  1. I do know better, but when you hadn't played in a few weeks and you get an unexpected text from a pal with a prime tee time, I couldn't resist.
  2. I can't go to Scottsdale and not have dinner at Barrio Queen at least twice.
  3. yup, wekopa is it! I always try to squeeze a round in at Eagle Mountain too. Doesn't get much mention but I always have fun there.
  4. As a PNW'er myself, I would not recommend Southern Dunes. When I'm in the desert I want to play desert golf. Quintero would be a good choice since you've played all the other courses.
  5. I went 50/56 a few years ago and am more than pleased. 50 fills a nice spot for me after PW. 56 is versatile for me and I use it all over the place.
  6. I saw this too and quite frankly PK can zip it. I liked him on the broadcasts but he's been bitter and running his yap a bit too much since. What does PK know that all the top fitters and technology don't know?
  7. Mizuno would be the easy choice for me. Came close a few years ago. Was just missing a fairway wood and putter. Irons and wedges as good as any out there. Woods starting to get the attention they deserve. Hearing good things about their recent putter offerings. Heck, even their gloves and apparel are great. Haven't tried their shoes, but if anything like their running shoes, sign me up. What does Mizuno do poorly? Their balls are dreadful. At least the ones I've tried.
  8. of all the things that come along with aging, no one told me that finding a proper fitting shoe would become harder.
  9. Don't move to Vancouver. It snows here.... at least it is today. First snow that I can think of this winter.
  10. I did my whole set without a vice. It's not bad, just lots of mineral spirits. Though I have used a vice before and it is easier.
  11. Awesome gesture and sounds like it went to a worthy cause. And thumbs up to the teacher for thinking of others (as teachers do) and being in a position to do something great
  12. Is it not essentially an O-Works 7s with white hot face?
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