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  1. I'll take Who's your caddy if you have it and happy to pay it forward when i'm done. note: i am in canada
  2. yes, beautiful magazine. Trying to catch up on the digital back issues.
  3. Buffs are awesome and super versatile. I jumped on the bandwagon when Kaymer wore one all those years ago. Though I only wear them in cold/cool weather and on the golf course or when out for a run.
  4. @BluenoserYOW I wound up subscribing. Have you done a linksoul order yet?
  5. The John Daly one is an interesting weave though the train wreck of his life. It's several years old, so doesn't have anything current. I'm sure there are better books out there but this is a quick and easy read. But sooooo poorly written. It's written as though it was put to paper verbatim from his diction. Read it with his voice in mind
  6. First one I can recall was a TM r580 XD. Convinced that I could play it today and get same distances if I still had it.
  7. Humans complaining about technology that threatens or questions their work is nothing new.
  8. @crazygolfnut I'm not going to watch the whole video but from the first few minutes it seems like malarkey. I'd like to know which tour players have their eyes 9 inches inside the line of the ball. If your eyes are over the ball or very close to it, and it looks like your line is left, then your shoulders are pointed left. Simple as that. I think a simple test is if you use the line to line up your ball when you are standing behind it and get that line pointed to your target, but then when you get over the ball the line looks like it's pointing in the wrong direction,
  9. Get your eyes over the ball. I think too many are well inside the ball.
  10. Worst durability, I would agree. But I think this ball really performs great.
  11. His hair probably grew back too! Good luck with sale, OP I do not need another putter. I do not need another putter. I do not need another putter. I do not need another putter. I do not need another putter. I do not need another putter. I do not need another putter.
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