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  1. [quote name='tembolo1284' timestamp='1308519660' post='3319362'] I would be curious to see what the ratings are for today's show. This is so boring...it saddens me being that the us open is my favorite tournament. [/quote] thinking the same thing on both counts.... yeah its good golf, but man is it BOOOOOOORING
  2. [quote name='triplebogeyblues' timestamp='1308512940' post='3319105'] Why are there "good lies" in the 2nd cut at a US Open? [/quote] ^^ THIS boring course, boring players, boring OPEN... worse than the PGA
  3. [quote name='GatorNate11' timestamp='1302923005' post='3158309'] [quote name='10of14' timestamp='1302914442' post='3157796'] Forget the price ($59 will not get you the black or bronze), this putter is more than worth the full retail which is far less than the so-called pro tour brands most of the not anywhere near the pro caliber golfers on here claim to be the answer. This is the hottest and best putter on the market under $200. [/quote] It will you go to DSG here, the entire line was on sale for $59.99, all finishes, all models. [/quote] http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/family/inde
  4. [quote name='tigers9iron' timestamp='1301892303' post='3116337'] i just hope we get a good winner. either a proven stud (ie-tw, phil, ernie) or so called up and coming talent (ie-dj, bubba, watney, mcilroy, etc). i cant handle any more bizarre one and done type winners (ie-immelman, weir, zach). its just so anti climatic after watching hours and hours of golf all week [/quote] i feel the same way
  5. Livingsocialjust wanted to let you guys know that livingsocial.com, a site like groupon is offering a $20 Amazon gift card for $10. https://livingsocial.com/deals/21336?ref=personalized-link-box-4372447&rpi=4372447
  6. [quote name='corky' timestamp='1289422863' post='2784349'] [quote name='captainb' timestamp='1289421783' post='2784322'] the most boring player to watch... at least tiger and phil keep it interesting, and sometimes win [/quote] So you like bomb and gouge golf?....... fair enough each to his own. [/quote] i really do. watching them hit it off line, then try something crazy
  7. the most boring player to watch... at least tiger and phil keep it interesting, and sometimes win
  8. Forgot to add the Wharf. Lot of shops and restaurants. I believe you can book whale watching tours from there (mentioned above).
  9. I'm not sure if this is allowed, if its not, sorry and please delete Kingdom 59 seems to be having a sale on quite a few Ping items. Seems like pretty good prices. Thought some of you might be interested.
  10. 1. Ocean Avenue - Nice place and nice shops. It slops sort of downhill into the ocean. There's a beach at the end 2. The barnyard- same thing just inland 3. Ocean view Blvd- If you start it right after the Aquarium from Cannery Row, theres a lot of nice spots to stop. Passes by Pacific Grove Muni Links.
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