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  1. 34.5" Super Stroke 3.0 grip. No headcover. Sold
  2. Looking for information about the differences between these two shafts. Is one better than the other?
  3. I have 3 shafts total: Not interested in any trades and will only ship to USA. Please check all pictures and measurements. None of the shafts have a grip installed. Diamana Kai'li 60 stiff flex. Ping adapter installed. The shaft logo is lined up with the "+" on the adapter... $65.00 shipped Diamana Kai'li 60 stiff flex, does not have an adapter installed... $50.00 shipped UST Elements Chrome+ 5f4 stiff flex. No adapter installed. It did have a Ping adapter, but it was pulled. This shaft was never actually used. I bought it brand new, had an adapter installed, then had it pulled... $50.00 shipped
  4. Please refer to the measurements. I've had the shaft for a long time and it's just been sitting so I'm just clearing stuff out.
  5. Definitely the one on the R11 shaft. Again, that is directly from Taylor made..
  6. Selling a few used items. Prices include shipping and will work on pricing for multiple purchases.All shafts have pictures of the length measured from the butt end to the tip so please check for accurate measurements. Trade offers will not receive a response. All shipping it to the USA only. I’d love to sell them together rather than separately. Project X 6.0 fairway wood shaft with TaylorMade tip. $40.00 shipped. No trade offers please. Matrix Ozik Xcon 5 Stiff flex, no grip. $40.00 shipped. No trade offers please. TaylorMade TP Fujikura Blur 65 X-Flex. Stock from TaylorMade. $30.00 shipped. TaylorMade TP Fujikura Fuel 70 Stiff flex. Stock from TaylorMade. $30.00 shipped
  7. I'm selling my used Oakley 5's Squared. They are in good shape and come with polarized lens installed and the original lens that are not polarized. I also have a set of lens that are "fire" and they are polarized. The black and fire lens were purchased aftermarket and are not authentic Oakley products. The frames and non-polarized lens are authentic Oakley products. $50.00 shipped to USA.
  8. I figured if I ask opinions of the yellow golf balls, the majority of responses would be in favor of them.. I'd like to hear from those who have tried the yellow golf balls and ended up going back to the white golf balls..
  9. Pictures speak for themselves, but an excellent condition putter with headcover. 340 grams with 1 strip of lead tape on the sole.. $115 shipped to lower USA only. No trades please.
  10. Selling a few used items that are sitting around.. Ping 4 under stand bag. All zippers work great, no holes, just a used bag, no issues. No rain cover included.. $60 shipped Adidas Tour 360. Limited use with original spikes still installed. Size 12.. $50 shipped.. Ecco Biom shoes. Size 45. Colors are gray and blue. Again used, but in over all good shape. Sold. I am the original owner of all items.. No trade offers please .
  11. All zippers work great. No abuse, holes, or tears. I believe it weighs 4.5 lbs but don't quote me on this. Double straps. Stand works fine. Bag has been sitting in basement so figured I'd sell it. $80 shipped to USA only. No trades please.
  12. Selling a few used items. Not interested in any trades. Prices include shipping and will work on pricing for multiple purchases. Shafts - several different shafts for sale. Please check measurements of each shaft. $40.00 per shaft.. Matrix Ozik Xcon 5 REGULAR Flex label Matrix Ozik Xcon 5 R-Flex butt Matrix Ozik Xcon 5 R-Flex tip Matrix Ozik Xcon 5 STIFF Flex label Matrix Ozik Xcon 5 S-Flex tip Matrix Ozik Xcon 5 S-Flex butt Blue label Blue tip Blue butt Fuel 70 label Fuel tip Fuel butt M2 label M2 butt 2016 M2 tip Project x label Project x label Project x -7C3 butt Project x -7C3 tip R11 label R11 butt R11 tip Project x 6.0 label Project x 6.0 tip Project x 6.0 grip Titleist adapters. These are authentic and were used in my 910 driver as well as my 917 driver. $15.00 per adapter Callaway adapter is $15 also.
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