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  1. Completely agree with the above. I've had an odyssey o works putter for about 5 years, and I’m completely used to that feeling. I fully appreciate that a lot of people hate those inserts, but I’m so used to it now that I’m really struggling to like the feel of a milled face.
  2. And your best friend asks you to shout at him, if he tries to replace his perfectly good putter again!
  3. I’ve witnessed 4, but never had one myself. I’ve had a couple of close calls, but not that many. what’s more annoying is that my dad has had 2, mum has had 2, and even my granny has had 2..............and they love reminding me of that!
  4. This little beauty. Went through a fitting today and this stood out. Great for alignment and like the feel off the face. And it’s very blue.....
  5. I’m not certain that any putter will give you assurance of being square, but have you tried using a line on the golf ball? if you can get the ball line pointing down your target line, then you only have to get your putter sight line matching the line on the ball. Certain companies have evolved this to make it more simple, like callaway/odyssey do with the triple track ball and putters. I have one bad eye, and really struggled aiming the putter correctly, but using the line on the ball has made a massive difference
  6. When you come hone from putting very well, and select another (completely different style, weight etc) putter to use on your next round, because it might just be even better. (It won’t)
  7. I recently received a sample pack of these, and have now had a few rounds with them. the XV is my preference (I’m a V1x user) and I have to say that I’ve been really impressed with the XV. I play on a coastal course, so there’s always plenty of wind, and the XV is really good in the wind. Spin around the green is very good (Id say a bit higher than the V1x), and I really like the firm feel with the putter. with regards durability, I’ve played the same ball for 18 holes on most rounds, and saturday’s round included a couple of skinny bunker shots, and at the end of
  8. Anybody who has used the phrase “point and shoot” when referring to any club, is always exaggerating! If your club had that big of an effect on your game, you would be on tour, and the fact that you aren’t, shows that you are clearly exaggerating! similarly, those that say “I would be off +4 if it wasn’t for my putting/irons/or whatever small part of your game you’ve picked, and that’s why I play off 9”, is talking rubbish. Garcia couldn’t putt at one stage, but was still making cuts.
  9. Wow. Not nice to have the nerve damage but I guess it’s great that it wasn’t way worse. Oakley make some fantastic stuff.
  10. thats really scary and hope that you’re ok now. I didn’t have anything this bad, but got hit in the face by a brake lever in a motorbike crash, and the doctor again said that the goggles saved my eye. They were a pair of Oakleys and I’ve worn their sunglasses ever since.
  11. People who moan about jacked lofts need to worry less about these things! These traditionalists presumably still use wooden headed drivers, and don’t own a car and have a horse instead!
  12. They definitely have appeal. I recently had a set of Apex. Loved the looks, liked the feel and the forgiveness was great. The whole loft/distance debate will always polarise, but I found that the lofts kept the flight/height under control, and distance was only 5 yds longer than my srixons, so certainly no madness. the flyer subject keeps coming up in these threads, but here’s my take. I never saw a flyer from a fairway, and a well struck shot flew the predicated distance. However as some have alluded to, the spin is generally low and it therefore doesn’t seem to take much
  13. Here’s mine. As you can probably see, there are a few old favourites in here, notably the 3 wood which has been a reliable servant for over 10 years. I love tinkering with clubs, and to be honest am amazed that the newest club is probably 3 years old! Wedges might change soon......
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