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  1. Have a set of iron shafts that need some heads. Looking for a set of 5-aw or 4-aw in something like Srixon z585, apex cf19, ping i500 or p790. Standard lie to slightly upright is usually good for me but I can always have them adjusted. Let me know what you have.
  2. Off to golftown tomorrow to try a few. They have a pretty good selection of used clubs from the last couple years so hopefully I can find something that works. Thanks for all your input.
  3. I play the xtd-ti fairway and love it. I would love to find a couple super ls or xtd-ti hybrids but up here in Canada not much around and can’t get across the border to my parcel service. I also play a couple of super dhy that replace my 5 and 4 irons but need something between the 21 and the fw.
  4. Would you say the super LS would play more like the Mavrik pro than the standard? I haven't hit the Mavriks but I really do like the look of the pro.
  5. I was actually thinking that the Mavrik hybrids look a fair bit similar to the Super LS but I haven't seen them side by side.
  6. So for years I have played the Super LS hybrids with the stock kuro kage shafts in stiff flex and get along quite well with them. My son recently took them and really likes them and like the good dad that I am I gave them to him. Just wondering what others that liked these hybrids have moved on to. Anything from the last couple of years that would play similarly but maybe have some advantages due to new tech? Given that Taylormade bought Adams would it be fair to start there or are there others that I should look at? Thanks in advance.
  7. I voted driving iron but it is a bit of a crossover club. Adams dhy. More consistent directionally than a hybrid and easier to hit clean and therefore longer than a 2 iron.
  8. I do remember really liking the a7 but didn't care for the light weight stock steel shafts. Really nice progressive tweener set. With irons in that category I don't think things have changed that much. Doubt your scores would change much either. Adams really did make some quality stuff.
  9. If Tiger wasn't playing in this tournament we would have anything to talk about. I was hoping for so much better from him. Didn't think he would contend but man it would be nice to see him be relevant again.
  10. Nevermind. I found the career builder thread and there are some pics there. Looks great from the top too.
  11. I would love to try an H3 Portland. Any pics for address position?
  12. Aeroburner tp fairway wood. Not sure about the hybrid though.
  13. If you want something close to the i series go for a 565/765 combo set...545/745.
  14. Why not bend a couple of the cb's flat to match the mizunos and see if the ball flight changes? Then you'd have the best of both worlds.
  15. On my phone I can't see what kind of irons you play but if they suit you the adams xtd forged had the rip tour as the stock graphite shaft. May be able to pick up a used set or a single iron for cheap to test out...you never know.
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