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  1. 1) adidas Mens TOUR360 XT SL - Black (11.5 US) Worn 2 rounds, excellent ($OLD) 2) Travis Mathew Cuater Wildcard Shoes - Grey (11.5 - US) - Still have tags, never worn outside ($OLD) 3) Linksoul Dry-Tek Pocket Full-Zip Layer - heather grey (XL) New With tags ($OLD) 4) Linksoul Dry-Tek Pocket Full-Zip Layer - midnight navy (XL) New With tags ($OLD) 5) Brooks Brothers St Andrews Old Course 1/4 zip vest - Navy (L) Worn 2x, very nice ($OLD) 6) Linksoul Bandon Preserve XL Polo - Small pinpoint stain on front ($OLD) 7) Footjoy XL Grey 100% poly stretch polo w/ Navy trim- Worn
  2. For sale is this Shotscope V3 GPS and shot tracking watch with red wristband. Used approximately 15 rounds, works great! Comes with charger, box, and all club tags. $160 shipped in US.
  3. Looking to see if any folks here have moved from standard DG to the DG 120 in their wedges? I’ve made that switch in my irons, and it’s been a really positive - similar ballflight ,but just much more consistent and easier to swing. Has anyone here found swapping to lighter wedge shafts beneficial as well? Or is the difference in weight not significant enough to matter with half swings, etc.
  4. Good call on Sabbatini, I’ll add him to the list in the first post.
  5. Hi all, had an interesting conversation with my teaching pro the other day and wanted to do a little research. Are there any current PGA/LPGA/Senior players that putt with an Odyssey #9 or Scotty Cameron Del Mar style head? I know it's rare to see an 8802 style blade in high-level competition, but the #9/Del Mar seemed to be fairly popular up to just a few years ago, and then it seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. With the move to high MOI mallets, it feels like this toe-flow head shape has quite fallen out of favor. So far I have: Phil Mickelson (Odys
  6. I have never had an issue with adapters I've ordered from the Golf Adapter Store: (website | eBay)
  7. I'm currently demoing a 6&9 iron in both the 639 CBs and the 699 pros. I had an idea of building a combo set between the two, maybe 4-6 in the 699s and 7-9 in the CBs. I like my Vokey PW so don't need that club at the moment. Could not agree more on the CBs...those things are awesome! The 699 Pros are nice, but to quote the late Dennis Green, they "are who we thought they were!" If you are looking at the HMBs or 770s they could be a good value alternative to look at for sure. On the other hand, I have been flushing everything with the 639 CBs. In terms of laun
  8. New irons always make wedge gapping interesting an interesting decision these days with the stronger lofted irons. I've recently been through a similar transition, and these are a few things that wound up shaping my decision: * Do you play a lot of full shots with your wedges? I really don't play a lot of full shots with my sand and lob wedges, but my gap is basically an 11 iron. The yardage I hit a 50* is one I see a lot on the course. I have to stand on a 52 to get it the same distance, and I don't like swinging out of control with short irons as it leads to some bad conta
  9. Thank you all for the excellent advice. I have begun pulling and from my early measurements, two swaps looks to be spot on and the other is within about 1/8." I am taking extra time to make sure everything is clean and prepped. Howard thanks for the shim idea, I think that may work perfectly.
  10. Hi all, I am a bit new to building irons - I've tried searching but I don't quite see the information I need for this question. Ideally, I would like to play a bit of shaft musical chairs as a winter project. I have 4-PW sets of the following: Mizuno MP-H4 with Dynamic Golds Mizuno JPX 919 Forged with NS Pro 120s Titleist 620 CB with AMT Blacks I would like to swap the shafts between the sets (s300s to the MP20s, NS to the Titleists, AMT Blacks to the MP-H4s), but from my understanding the BBTG measurement in irons is not consistent between bran
  11. I call them like I see them! I thought I could always count on Titleist to deliver classy looks, but I guess those days are over.
  12. I’ve been bagging an all titleist setup forever but this is going to be a hard pass. Wow these are hideous. Are you kidding me with that alignment aid?
  13. Specific to classifieds, a modular listing template with required tags per item would be outstanding. It would allow much more useful searching and filtering. Thanks!
  14. The thing that keeps most modern irons out of my bag is the lack of predictability. I've given a few sets a real try, hoping to gain forgiveness and distance and a higher launch. My distance and spin control is all over the place though. That soaring 7 iron that goes a mile in the air and way past my current club feels great in the fitting bay, but it's not so awesome when it's a Jekyll-and-Hyde thrill ride on the course. Super long misses that show up out of nowhere leave you with PTSD after the round...not what I want or need out of those clubs.
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