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  1. Yeah I really doubt chambers bay has fescue greens...fairways yes but greens no way, fine fescue types that I am familiar with do not tolerate being mowed lower than .140-.150... I suspect many places on that list are wrong. Typically annual bluegrass (poa annua) that has been established on older clubs will stop flowering. The club i work at has 50-50 bent poa and our poa does not seed. In addition the combination of two types of plant growth regulators (primo and proxy) can stop about 95% of seed heads on poa. Pebble has salt issues, is susebtible to root nematodes and in addition the greens have been redone so many times that the poa is not old enough to stop flowering. One of the reasons that poa greens have issues is that poa "mutates" for lack of a better word so in a typical green you may have 30 slightly different types of poa all growing at different rates. In addition if measures are not taken to stop flowering the greens can get very wobbly. Also because poa has such shallow root depth the top layer of soil needs to remain somewhat wet (although i believe many people overwater poa) to keep the plant alive. Although bent grass is classified as a cool season grass it has the ability to grow roots as deep as one foot under correct conditions thus allowing a deeper less frequent irrigation cycle. New courses with all bent greens can and should be able to keep poa out. There are more than a couple of herbicides that will kill annual bluegrass and not harm bentgrass. One of the courses I did an internship at had crenshaw creeping bent (really cool grass has a purpilish hue to it) and despite being 12 years old and in prime poa climate we kept it out. A religious regimine of trimmit treatments is what we used, but now cutless is more popular. In addition new species of "agressive" bent (what we use at the club I work at for overseeding) actually compete with poa and will eventually over time and proper conditions drastically reduce the amount of poa in greens. Although poa can and does make a great surface I like bent grass better because you can keep it firmer during the hot months and you do not have to cut it as low as poa to achieve the same green speeds. Anyway enough of my babbling.
  2. Played in a couple of tournies where mark mcgwire was in the field. Was in a group behind him in Cal am. He maybe averaged about 285 off the tee. About average for a real good golfer, definitly not crazy long or anything like that. Sure he was strong but it looked like lack of flexibility hurts him and he didn't seem very "explosive" through the ball. You can even see now with Tiger, he looks pretty ripped but he hit it much further 5+ years ago
  3. I played in two NCAA super regionals and national championships. The NCAA has a volunteer behind every green or near the tee box (at nationals, every 3 holes at regionals) who you tell your last name and score for the hole to. I had a situation one time where my scores got messed up going into the golfstat system but it did not matter in the least in terms of scoring once my card was signed and turned in. The scorer confused my scores and another in my groups for the three hole series at regionals. The only reason this is a big deal IMO is that most coaches have their blackberries going and are monitoring the scoring. In nationals there are scoreboards both electronic and manual that keep you aprised of team total and individual scoring so that too could throw people off. IMO though, she should have not been DQ'd, rather pulled aside and warned, had the scores corrected in the computer, and get on with life. Unfortunately the NCAA can be a bunch of jankey humorless dolts sometimes, and it seems this really got their panties in a bunch.
  4. I know a guy who "insures" these types of deals...He was a top trader on the street until about 2005 when he got bored with it...held prolly the largest short position on the street in AMZN heading into the tech wreck anyways, his goal is to insure many of these deals at slightly above market rate, unload some the risk at places like ladbrokes, take some of the risk himself, and never do deals that will wipe him out...he does really well, and, like he says, if you get the odds right, and take the right sized risk amount, it is a no lose biz...sure you lose some deals but in the end the odds are in his favor
  5. its a nice motion but you get disconnected with your left arm/armpit on the way back and through the ball...more to monte's point i think you would be well served to practice hitting balls with a glove under your left armpit...hit really smooth 3/4 shots to start...it should help keep your arms more connected and shallow you out a bit
  6. I play a lot of nassaus...in many different situations...pressing is sorta a feel thing for me...when not playing one or two down autos I will not always press the second I get two down, if I am playing for real money...not just 5-10 bux...basically I will press most of the time unless the guy I am playing is going off (making everything just lighting it up), my opponent strokes on the next hole, or I am just totally lost that day (hey s*** happens)...Otherwise I will usually press...I will always take/accept a press because that is courtesy...its a total b**** move not to take a press... I have a belief/theory that most ( ~70%) of bets are won or lost the minute the bet is made...ie one player is getting the best of it...Then it is simply execution...learning to win, wanting to win, not being afraid of winning or losing...also course management and shot decisions play a role as well...gambling in golf is a funny thing and so is match play...interesting stuff for sure...I would say that it is difficult to define risk in golf (vs say other forms of gambling/investing) but I can tell you when I am getting the best of it (although I won't)...
  7. you can play 12 point...it is a good game and you can play the handicaps off the card or off the lowest player... each hole allots a total of 12 points...if all four players tie each player gets 3 points if the scores go say 3,3 4,5 then the points would be 5,5,2,0 or if they were 4,4,4,5 it would be 4,4,4,0 and the like...typically if one player beats all the rest by two shots he gets all 12 points on that hole... its a variation of 9 point usually played with 3 players
  8. usual nassau is played 3 ways w/ or w/o two down autos...the auto's only refer to the front bet and the back bet but not the total or root...you can play 4 ways or 5 ways as well want a real fun game that will test your nerves play 1 down autos...my buddy and I usually play that in our saturday game...its not unusual to have 5 bets going coming into nine and eighteen...huge swings...pretty sick game...
  9. Nice putter BTW that is a butt weight...some people like them in putters...should have a little number on the top saying how many grams it is...sorta like a counter weight
  10. I went to a top DII school...I really enjoyed it...We were always ranked top 10 in golf stat...beat UCLA twice in tourney's a couple of years...I was able to go to NCAA regionals and nationals 3 years...I had offers from dI schools as well but none that would ever compete for a DI national championship and I went to DII to gain the experiance of playing at regionals and nationals... having said that to travel for our team you would have to avg at least ~71 on our home course...
  11. Saw this DB at a golf course the other day...he was using a long putter...'spose that putt really got in his head or maybe he can make bigger divots with the long putter...
  12. luvs my ft-3 with NV X 9.5 never balloons on me, low spin and i can usually work it both ways plus hit it high and low...got a nice feel and I love the way it looks a little open at address
  13. I find it pretty funny that a few people on here post like they know tiger woods and his father and how great they are... I grew up in so.cal played junior golf (10 years younger than tiger) here, know more than a share of tour guys...let me tell you this and take it or leave it... 1. Some of tigers antics as a junior golfer are legendary for their antics. 2. Earl is not a clean as you think he is/was...he left a previous family for tiger's mom then he and kutilda became estranged...rumors of abuse abound...Tiger was actually in New Zealand just before his dad died and kutilda was rumored to be nowhere to be found... 3. The way woods treats(ed) the media in general is pretty terrible... It goes on and on...ask anyone who knows him and there are things about him that are just not cool...No one will go on the record or talk in public about it but believe me the stories are out there and they are not far off from the truth Look I admire the guy as a player but to think he is anything more than a great golfer is just plain wrong...so call me a basher or a hater or whatever but the real Tiger and the Tiger the media portrays are totally different people
  14. another +1 on never forcing it...one shot at a time is cliche but it totally works for me...when I am playing my best I am totally focused on that particular shot, never thinking really about where I am in relation to par or my competitors...just in my own little world totally focused on one shot and what I want to do with it
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