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  1. Code TV20 is good for 20% off so comes out to $280. Was watching masters coverage yesterday and saw their commercial with the code running along the bottom like cspan
  2. Thanks for the heads up, just ordered it. I have a 12 year old that's getting more serious about his game and training aids like this keep him engaged for longer. Not to mention I could use the help too lol
  3. I need them cause I stink at golf and I know these will take me to the next level... LOL Jk I could use some mizunos I just can't afford them.
  4. Yea that was me. Was bidding on a set of gc mids but wasnt able to use a computer when time ran out. o well. my plan was to just buy both and sell a set or just give to my dad/bro. I'm glad my Taylormades sold for a decent amount so I can afford to do that. Now I have to wait til July 1 for them to come in.
  5. i dont believe in ghosts but maybe this can change my mind
  6. Looks like the 701 has a thicker topline from the pics I could find but I dont mind because my first set were callaway x-14s and those are even thicker than that. I'm comfortable with that as long as they perform. I'm goin to pull the trigger on a set of 701s because I hit my dads cast Ci7's and they just dont feel as smooth as a forged. I dont have that much experience to know if its because they're not forged but its enough to stray me towards trying the 701s first. Thanks guys I popped my posting cherry with this topic
  7. Was looking to buy a used set but not sure what I should get. I just sold my RAC TP combo because I dont have the time to practice and be consistent with them anymore so I want to get a more forgiving club. Would like to stay forged but have read the GCs are pretty soft. Which would you get and why?
  8. Just bought my dad an Exotics XLD LS and it just bombs em. I was impressed because I only payed $90 shipped brand new. And a little surprisd that the headshape wasnt to akward to look down at. I had a hard time with the nike dymo2, it was just plain ugly.
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