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  1. Byron Dh89 made with carbon steel with a brushed oil can finish. 360 grams, 72 lie, 3 loft, 33" length with black shaft . Welded mid pipe neck, half offset, 5-10 degrees toe hang (just below parallel). Byron Morgan black standard Pure grip. Matching brown cover with magnetic closure from his new line. Gamed it for 9 holes and quickly realized I prefer more toe hang. Asking $450 obo Bettinardi studio stock 17 blackout. 34" length with some light scratches from being gamed for several rounds. Got this from bettinardi website: This exclusive midnight putter with jet-black accents comes paired with a black PVD shaft, a standard black onyx SINK Fit grip, and special murdered-out 2021 Studio Stock headcover. Asking $450 obo
  2. Youre going to love the feel of it, one of the best putters I've owned. That being said I just couldn't get used to the shape of it. If anybody is looking for one dm me
  3. Have a couple putters up for sale today. I just need a lil more toe hang than these offer. First up a carbon Byron Morgan DH89 in a Brushed Oil Can finish. Has only been gamed for 9 holes. 360 grams Carbon Steel Brushed Oil Can finish 72 lie 3 loft 33 length Welded mid pipe neck half offset 5-10 degrees toe hang( just below parallel) Byron Morgan Black Standard Pure Grip Brown leather cover with magnetic closure Asking $525 Next up is a Mannkrafted Carbon Steel MA/66 "long neck" done in super nickel. Slightly longer neck produces less toe hang than standard Anser style putter. I do not have a matching head cover but will be shipped protected. I believe the headweight is around 355. My local shop measured the other specs as 33.5/72/3. Does have one small nick on the neck that isn't viewable from address Asking $old
  4. I've put multiple extensions on my putters and couldn't tell the difference. I've used some bought off amazon and even made some from wood in my shop when I was in a pinch and still couldn't tell. Granted I'm not tuned into slight weight change like a pro is
  5. Need to unload a couple putters that just don't fit my eye/stroke and won't be making their way into my bag anytime soon. Sorry no trades at this time. Bettinardi QB6 SBS. 33" 70° lie, 3° loft. Mint condtion, only been used a couple times outdoors. Asking $3old Studio Select Kombi S. 35" 69° lie, 4° loft. Very good condition with new original color paintfill, CS shaftband and Cameron Cord grip. Typical light scratching for a putter of this age. Asking $old
  6. Check out the Pure oversize grip. I don't remember the weight but I know they're on the heavier side with that tacky feel that'll hold up I'm humidity. I've had one before and liked it a lot
  7. Selling a 35" Betti SS17 Blackout w/original headcover. Has been carpet rolled and taken out for 18 once at Poppy Hills. Replaced the original grip with a Sweet Rollz Swashbuckler. It's in great condition but please see pics to judge for yourself. Asking $475 obo now $old Sorry no trades for now. Some jackass broke my car window and had to replace it so trying to recoup some funds. At least he didn't feel like carrying my clubs that night.
  8. Mine is the same way, I posted about it a couple pages back. The milling on my newport cc is easily felt but the flowback is almost completely smooth. I can barely feel the milling with a fingernail. It's def more firm than my newport but still feels good
  9. Kinda tough to see in pics but can def be felt by running my finger over the insert that the flowback is almost smooth. It's all good with me as I've been gaming a piretti goat recently so it's a welcome error.
  10. They both feel like butter but I would say out of these two the np2 feels a touch more firm. If all you hit was the np2 you would never think it felt firm unless you hit em side by side. But to me the flowback is the most firm feeling of the bunch. I've noticed on mine and a couple pics online the insert is a little more smooth than the np's. I'll post some pics in a bit
  11. There has been 2 different putters being sold recently. One being Champions Choice which is the buttonback and the other being scottys choice which looks more like the standard special select
  12. The flowback is really nice. Wasn't sure I'd like it but took the plunge and I actually really enjoy it, not as much as a newport but I'd still game it. But everybody's stroke is different
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