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  1. Up for sale is my stunning new Scotty Cameron H-2011 Jet Setter Newport 2 Notchback putter. 1/750 worldwide. £949 incl Postage in the UK
  2. What’s the consensus on this? My concern are the Cs on Scotty and Cameron are too curled.
  3. Exactly, not had them long enough not to take advantage of money back guarantee - thank goodness.
  4. I’ve not been burned - seller is taking them back. Money back guarantees and all that.
  5. I have been known to buy and resell clubs and this time I picked the wrong clubs. I can live with it. The seller in this case seemed 100% genuine - I guess they always do - and he still can’t believe they are not genuine and thankfully will take them back. No I did not have a buyer, just a viewer who questioned their authenticity so I came here to ask opinions as to my untrained eye they looked good. I’ve been on here longer than most so maybe look at my previous posts before you judge and you might realise I don’t deal in fakes. If I did deal in fakes this would be the last place I’d ask ab
  6. Re the comment above there is nothing suspicious. I bought them and am returning them to the seller. End of. Under no circumstances would I knowingly pass on fakes to anyone. That was the whole point of my post. - to check they were ok. I was not aware and was going to sell them on but one potential buyer had doubts so I came here for opinions and withdrew the sale immediately. That’s the story, like it or lump it.
  7. I guess I’m easily fooled. on close inspection the detail does not match a £2k set of clubs. The finish when head meets ferrule is also poor.
  8. Thoughts on these? Serial number on 7 iron. PX shafts have decal at the front of shaft. They look fine.
  9. i have a lovely Cameron IBDL For sale. $650 delivered to USA from Scotland. It has one tiny mark on sole otherwise perfect.
  10. A putter I’m interested in has the American Flag cover from the late 90’s on it with NOS embossed under the flag. I understand NOS stands for New Old Stock. What does this mean and is it rarer than the standard cover? Thanks
  11. Just bought this. The metalwork is stunning.
  12. As new condition - never refurbished - with all original stickers in place. Grip still in plastic. £699 delivered in UK or best offer. Will post to USA at buyers cost.
  13. My concern was the oil can sticker warning about how to keep gun blue finish? I have this on my Brad Faxon but can’t see a need for it on a Platinum finish. Also the sole looks strange but could just be the photo. Other photos look fine and the seller is 100% feedback. A
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