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  1. Would love to win this shaft to put it in my 3-wood that is currently a head without a shaft, not to mention that the Kai'li is the best shaft ever!
  2. Will the weight kit work for the Superquad?
  3. putter lengthHey Fellas, I am 6'5 and using a 35' napa as my gamer. Would it be better to adjust the lie angle of the putter or get the putter lengthen? I literally feel like i am breaking my back sometimes when I am on the putting green. My line of sight also feels awkward because of how far I am bending over to read the green. Any help would be much appreciated, Happy Holiday and Happy NYE. Thanks -Beau
  4. 1 shaft, 1 3 wood, 1 scottyHey Fellas Help me move this stuff. Im dropping prices basically giving these away! This is my first sale on WRX so I hope I go about this correctly. Need some extra cash to pay for holiday bills hahaha. For sale is: 1) Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard (ion plated) 73x5ct flex ( s ). Measures 42' 1'2 inches. This was a pullout from a 3 wood of mine ( Tour exotic 3 wood XCG). I do not know the tip diameter of the shaft. The pictures show the authentic sticker from mitsubishi factory and the laser engraved numbers up top. Email or pm me if you need more pics of shaft. N
  5. Could you put more pics up for the J33r and the 9015d please... thank you.
  6. hahahahahah I see that crap on Golf channel all the time.
  7. Do you think the TEE CB3 will be as good as the woods? I love my TEE 3 wood!
  8. Swing speed is 120mph. I tend to draw and hook when I go after a shot. I have been playing a 9.5 degree loft but might consider a 10 degree for more height. I want to install a Whiteboard 73g Xtra stiff in the new driver. There are so many heads available right now that I would like to get the best bang for my buck. I love my tour exotic 3 wood but heard the drivers arent as good as the woods yet. Never really hit callaway or ping drivers (Im a Ho for titleist) but want to start opening up to new suggestions.
  9. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on their favorite driver (domestic or import). I am looking to buy a driver in the next week or two and wanted feedback as to the top notch, gotta have driver. Im interested to hear about the import Mizuno driver heads and if they are any good? Everyone's signature indicates otherwise but all suggestions and info welcome.......thanks fellas. Beau :good:
  10. Hey thanks fellas! I definitely think I am going to stick with the WB. It was such a smooth shaft for me to hit. I ordered the Kai'li and will be putting that in the 3 wood ( im freaking out to play that club). TEE XCG 15 degree with 83 X Kai'li- will be taking bets against friends; Me-3 wood, them driver. I will let yall know who the winner is muahaha.
  11. Beautiful work JP. If you have anything else available, I would definitely be interested.
  12. Im a big fan of TEE. I bought the XCG 3 wood 15 degree and have a WB stiff in it. When I first started playing the club, I was hitting it 5 yrds further than my current driver. The new line that is out now for Dec 2009 are the XCG-3's. Driver-Hybrids. I bet this has a lot to do with price drops. Hoping to get my hands on something with a huge price drop
  13. I seem to be having the same questions. I am in the midst of changing my shafts around in my driver and 3 wood. I gained a solid 10mph in my swing from June to now. Im swinging around 116-120mph. I wanted to know if the Kai'li was a good shaft to buy if played it in Xtra Stiff 80g for a TEE XCG 3 wood. I have a Diamana Whiteboard in it now but it is 73 stiff not xtra stiff. I hit it perfect some swings but it tends to draw left if I chase after it. Any suggestions for driver and 3 wood shafts that can fit my swing? Any and all help is much appreciated! Thanks Beau
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